In Taiwan, my home country, we don’t have carrot cake. The first time I heard about carrot cake I wondered if it will taste good and it was only through coming to the UK that I got the opportunity to try it and suffice to say I absolutely love it. I’m a huge fan of carrot cake.

Carrot cake while sweet is actually a pretty healthy cake as it does have carrots in it and so long as you keep the icing down to a minimum and don’t use too much sugar in this recipe then it remains fairly healthy.

This recipe is one I picked up while working as a pastry chef very briefly (3 months) at my first job in Edinburgh and it’s still the best carrot cake recipe I’ve tasted. The cake texture is really soft and moist, the spice is never overpowering and both my husband and I absolutely love it. You can check out my food blog “Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey” for more information about this carrot cake recipe.

So with my love of carrot cake in mind I decided to create this cute rabbit family recipe card for this recipe. One of the first things people usually think about when they think of carrots are rabbits. Carrots and rabbits are like salt and pepper, they just belong together. So when I decided  which characters to use for this recipe I immediately decided I wanted to draw a mother rabbit cooking this cake with her little bunnies around her. This was the basis of my illustration but of course I had to draw some carrots in as well. How can you bake a carrot cake and not have some carrots around?

I created two different versions of this recipe. In bakery measurements are absolutely essential, way more so than with savoury cooking, so I created one illustration with the measurements but also one without for a different look and feel. I like both of them so have included both.

So here is my “Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake Recipe” illustration. I hope you like this and don’t forget to visit my food blog if you fancy giving this recipe a go yourself.


Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake Recipe Illustration: 

Carrot Cake Recipe Illustration


Previous Version of Carrot Cake Recipe Illustration: 

Carrot Cake Recipe Illustration