Lauriston Castle Illustrations
January 07, 2013

Recently I’ve been quiet on the blogging front for a couple reasons. First of all my maternity leave finished so I’m back at work but I also picked up a really big commission from Edinburgh Council. This project required me to create ten illustrations for Lauriston Castle. The ten illustrations will go in their 2013 workshop brochure and will also be featured in posters throughout the area.

This project has been really good fun, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating each individual illustration but it has been a lot of work. This project is now almost done and although there may be the odd change here or there this project is essentially done. I’ve been working closely with a designer from Edinburgh Council who has been absolutely fantastic to work with and he was kind enough to send me a draft of the brochure which I think looks absolutely brilliant (I will be sharing a digital copy eventually).

As mentioned these illustrations will be displayed around Scotland for a whole year but these are the images I created. Hope you like them.

Cover Illustration:

Lauriston Castle Brochure Cover

Illustration for “Contact Information” Page:



 Illustration for “Vintage Cars at the Castle” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Vintage Car Show Illustration

Illustration for “Floaty Japanese Mobiles ” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Japanese Garden Illustration

Illustration for “We’re going on a Bear Hunt!” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Bear Hunt Illustration

Illustration for “Amazing Animal Puppets” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Puppet Show Illustration

Illustration for “Twelve Days of Christmas” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Christmas Programme Illustration

Illustration for “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Tea Party Illustration

Illustration for “Skin care and beauty naturally!” Programme:

Lauriston Castle Handmade Beauty Product Illustration

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