Recently I was asked to put together a piece of work with a view for it being used by Spectrum magazine, which is part of the Scotsman newspaper. Unfortunately they didn’t choose my image but I had great fun creating this piece of work.

This project was entitled “argument” so my first thought about argument/arguing was fighting such as a gladiator in action, jousting, cats and dogs fighting etc etc. My husband is a big wrestling fan (basically he’s a 32 year old child!) so I thought of mexican wrestling, otherwise known as Lucha Libre. I illustrated what I think are completely different characters facing, one corner you have “Rampage Blue” and the other “Mad Dog Mario”. The title in-between shows the title contest.

This project has also got me thinking that I should create some more illustrations about arguments in relationships and not just the physical arguments. I’m also thinking I will probably create some more illustrations about different aspects of relationships but anyway, I really like this illustration and the way it has turned out.

If you wish to see a larger version of this image just click on the image.

Mexican Wrestler Poster