As well as the big projects I have worked on like the “They Draw and Cook project” there are a few smaller projects that I have worked on that have been pretty successful for myself.
City Life
A new and personal project that I’m working on right now is a daily life illustration for major cities. I’ve travelled around a reasonable amount myself and have indeed made the jump from living in Taiwan to living in Scotland. So I thought it might be fun to draw something that different cities are famous for. When people think of Paris they think of falling in love, cafes, French food etc. When I travelled to Paris I didn’t find the food especially special but it is such a romantic city so I illustrated a couple falling in love. For Amsterdam, I haven’t actually travelled there yet but I know it’s famous for (and keeping in on the PG-13 side of things) for it’s bicycles so I illustrated a lady cycling in the city. These are the first two images I have created for this series but I’ll be updating it as I create more.
cycling through amsterdam illustration
falling in love in paris illustration
Vintage Cameras
One of the very first projects I worked on when I became an illustrator was to create a series of vintage cameras. My husband is a professional photographer and he wanted to rebrand his business and part of this was to create a new logo and business cards. With him being a photographer and having studied photography he has a really good knowledge of cameras so I went through cameras from different decades with him and discovered there are so many really beautiful cameras. Unlike my more recent work everything is completely hand drawn but like my recent work everything has been coloured in Adobe Illustrator. This project was a lot of fun and something I may expand on in the future.
Kodak Brownie camera illustration
Minolta twin reflex camera illustration
Kodak Brownie Starluxe Camera illustration
1900 folding plate camera illustration
Bauer 88B video camera illustration
Holiday II camera illustration
Kodak Brownie 8mm vintage movie camera illustration
kodak brownie fun saver vintage movie camera illustration
olympic keystone k32 camera illustration
Vintage Kitchen
One of my most successful (commercially) projects to date was a series of Vintage Kitchen illustrations I created. When I started the “They Draw and Cook” project I was contacted by a local Juice Bar and Gallery to see if I would like to exhibit a series of illustrations based on food. So I created this series of vintage kitchen illustrations. This was again a lot of fun and the exhibition even more fun.
coffee pot illustration
happy hour cocktail illustration
pineapple cake illustration
retro thermos flask illustration
say cheese illustration
sundae sunday illustration
vintage catherine holm bowls illustration
vintage coffee illustration
vintage coffee pots illustration
vintage tea set illustration
vintage tomato soup illustration
St Columba’s School Illustrations
In 2014 I was contacted by St Columba’s School here in Edinburgh to create two vertical (panoramic) style illustrations for the Creative Communities website. Once again my style is quite different now but this was a really fun project to work on because it was related to children (I have a young daughter) and I also got to work in a completely different format.
st columba children detective story illustration
st columba school children detective story illustration
st columba school illustration
st columba school illustration
st columba creative communities illustration

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