Pink Punch Art Collective
June 04, 2017

Pink Punch Art Collective. Around three months ago my friend colleague illustrator Anais Lee saw that I was taking Lilla Roger’s MATS A class so she asked me if I wanted to start an “art collective” with her? I immediately agreed as first of all I like working with her but also I have seen a few other art collective websites and I think what they do is such a cool thing to do!

So Anais and I started looking for people to join us and we started sending out emails to invite people who’s works we really like. We found Sarah Allen, Allyn Howard, Sandrine Monnier and Lisa Baudry. Sarah lives in Melbourne, Australia, Anais and Allyn are based in New York, Sandrine lives in Paris and Lisa lives in Auckland. I’m of course based in Edinburgh but both Anais and myself are from Taiwan, so we’re a really diverse group of people. You can call us very “international”. I think it’s so cool we are all from or based in different cities and different countries. How amazing we can all work together and start our Pink Punch art collective!

I think working as an illustrator can be quite a lonely job. Just use myself as an example, I work from home all the time and apart from talking with my husband, daughter, cat and several neighbours I rarely talk to other people. Sometimes I have a quick conversation with my next door neighbour(s) but that’s about it. That’s my every day life. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with people and you are probably wondering why I don’t just hang out but I’m that busy with work and family I don’t have time right now.

Of course I hope this situation will change once my daughter starts school but right now I don’t hang out with anyone. If I’m not working then I’m probably doing house work or crashing out on the couch but for my situation it’s a lot easier to find me on Skype, Facebook or by email.

So I feel very lucky to find a group of friends like my art collective colleagues. We spent three months discussing and preparing for our Pink Punch art collection. There were so many jobs to do but I think we work really well together. After three months hard work from everyone, we are finally able to announce our art collective to the public as of 1st June 2017. I remember the day when I started announcing this big news on social media I felt like a five year old girl in a candy shop. I was and still am so excited!

We are going to host many cool art events and encourage each other to make more beautiful illustrations in different markets. So sign up for our “Newsletter” on our our website home page and you can receive regular updates. Please visit our website, Pink Punch Art Collective, to find out more about us.

pink punch art collective
pink punch art collective
pink punch art collective

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