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I created this USA map illustration a while ago. You can have a look here:

Description for USA map illustration:

"I created this illustrated map of the United States of America as an ongoing map project that I have been working on.

The USA is one of my bucket list countries that I would love to visit one day and while I haven’t visited the USA I spent months researching foods and unique features of each of the 50 states of the USA which resulted in this map.

I never knew before doing this project the USA has so many unique things. Take for example the Blue Whale Slides along Route 66. There are buildings shaped like products and of course there is some incredible food."

So this listing is for a jigsaw puzzle version of my USA Map Illustration. This is slightly different to most jigsaws as the corners are rounded but you can see throughout the photos very clearly what the jigsaw looks like.

The jigsaw comes in a small tin box and it’s perfect for a gift. It’s good fun for both kids and grown ups who love jigsaws. It contains 120 pieces and the completed map jigsaw is a little bit smaller than A4.

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