Bohemian Wanderer

bohemian wanderer illustration
bohemian flower pattern
snowdrop pattern
snowdrop pattern
orange flower pattern art licensing
bohemian flower pattern backpack
snowdrop pattern backpack
snowdrop pattern backpack
orange flower backpack

My first assignment for Lilla Roger’s “Portfolio Bootcamp” has involved collecting patterns from daily life then using these patterns to design a backpack and also other products if we wish. So I went out one day and I saw snowdrops, wild flowers and leaves, a Bohemian cushion and wall hanging decoration in a shop. I also saw floor tiles in a charity shop and some interesting patterns on the leaves in the Botanic garden’s glasshouse.

So I used these patterns to create this backpack and the patterns for other products. I pretty much never use a backpack in my daily life but I do use them what I travel, so backpacks will always for me be associated with travel. For this reason I illustrated products people will normally bring with them to travel and so I called this collection “Bohemian Wanderer”. There are some flower patterns on the products but they’re not actually flowers. They are from the floor tiles and sewing patterns on the cushions.

I had great fun with this project and will be creating more things like this in the near future.

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