Chinese Spices Illustrations

chinese spices illustration
Amomum Tsaoko Chinese Spice Illustration
Clove Chinese Spice Illustration
Liquorice Root Illustration
Sand Ginger Illustration
Cardamon Chinese Spice Illustration
Dried Chilli Illustration
Nutmeg Illustration
Sichuan Pepper Corn Illustration
Cinnamon Stick Illustration
Fennel Seed Illustration
Orange Peel Illustration
Star Anise Illustration

Chinese Spices Illustrations. I created 14 essential Chinese Spices illustrations for my Chinese food page on, my food blog and also for my upcoming cookbook “Home-Style Chinese Cooking”. The idea is to use these illustrations to introduce my readers to the 14 most popular and commonly used Chinese spices in Chinese cooking.

I could have quite easily photographed these spices but because I’m an illustrator I wanted to illustrate these instead.

For more information about each of these spices, check out my article “14 Essential Chinese Spices


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