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Kitchenware Illustrations

cleaver knife illustration
fish slice and slotted spoon illustration
frying pan illustration
milk jar illustration
sift illustration
teapot illustration
colander illustration
flour jar illustration
juice squeezer illustration
mixing bowl illustration
sugar jar illustration
twin vases illustration
egg cutter illustration
fork and spoon illustration
knife illustration
oven mitt illustration
teapot illustration
wok illustration

In 2016 I’m going to publish my third cookbook “Home-Style Chinese Cooking”  and just as I did with my first cookbook I was able to create a series of cute kitchenware illustrations. I also used some of these kitchenware illustrations for my online class and tutorial promotional banners.

As you will have read I worked as a chef for many years and even though I don’t work as a chef anymore, I’m still very actively involved in booking. I run my own food blog “Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey” and I’m also the Chinese food expert for about.com so I’m still very busy with food. Part of my love for food is all the wonderful pots, pans, plates, bowls and numerous other accessories for the kitchen. I’m always collecting new things for my kitchen and for my food photography so here are a number of items I’ve either bought or simply really like.

As mentioned most of these items were illustrated to add a personal touch to my cookbooks. I want my cookbooks to not only be full of delicious Chinese food and recipes but also have a more personal feel with some cute and cheerful illustrations.


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