Pet Problems Childrens Book Illustrations

I’ve been wanting to work on any kind of illustrated children’s book pretty much since I became an illustrator and until now this hasn’t been possible but right now I’m working on an illustrated children’s book with a Taiwanese publisher. This is still very much in the early stages but I also had another idea about creating a book about “Eleanor” who has some pet problems.

So as a practice run per-se I created the illustrations below. Who knows, I may end up creating a real book from this but you can at least see some of my ideas.

Childrens book character illustration pet problems
Childrens book character emotions illustration
Childrens book character Accessories Illustration
Childrens book character glasses illustration
childrens book bath with sea lion illustration
childrens book character riding elephant illustation
Childrens book character posing illustrations
pet problems elephant fun illustration
Chiildrens book illustration pet problems

So Eleanor has really scruffy ginger hair as you can see and her pets are very cute but also can be very cheeky. Keep posted for more illustrations like these in the future.

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