Recently I was asked to do four book covers for one of Roald Dahl’s short story collections called “Kiss Kiss“. I chose three of my favourite stories as my book cover inspiration.

These were “The Way Up To Heaven“, “Royal Jelly” and “Pig“. Roald Dahl isn’t really popular in Taiwan so this was my first time reading one of his stories and they were really easy to read and nicely written. Of course I watched films based on his stories but I really enjoyed reading his stories and can see why is so famous.

Here are four book covers I’ve created for this book. Based on the illustrations you can tell the stories are a little “dark” in theme but the endings for each, if you read them, will surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and can’t recommend enough to read this book.


Roald Dahl the pig book cover

Royal Jelly:

Roald Dahl royal jelly book cover

The Way Up To Heaven:

Roald Dahl the way up to heaven book cover

Kiss Kiss Book Cover:

Roald Dahl Kiss Kiss Book Cover