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My shop is full of fun and delicious art created by me. I mainly sell map illustrations and postcards because I love food, travel and drawing and map illustration is the best way to combine three of my passions of life. That’s why I enjoyed creating these maps. I also created other illustration and products and you can find them in my shop as well. 

We make fun colourful products and gifts for everyone.

Small family business, big on fun and colour


A selection of some of our prints. Map, birds, food, you name it. Lots of fun, lots of colour.


A selection of some of our postcards. Map, birds, food, human anatomy and more. Lots of fun, lots of colour.

Shop Announcements

**Coronavirus Update**

International services are operational and we continue to accept orders for destinations across the globe. However, delays are expected due to the authorities in these countries applying special orders e.g. quarantine; or special measures being implemented by the local postal/delivery service to minimise the spread of the virus.

6th October 2020

A lot of people have been asking questions about postage and especially international postage. Right now I’m only offering international tracked postage for orders made outside of the UK. Sadly this is more expensive but postal services have debatable reliability and with standard postage, if your order goes missing there’s no way of tracking down items. If you’re adamant you want to pay for standard non-tracked postage, contact me and I can make an exception but note if your order gets lost in the post I will not be liable in anyway at all. Find out more here

1st August 2020

Prior to this date I was using a pro photo lab to produce A2 prints but I’m now printing these myself. As a result these prints are much cheaper now. All of my printed illustrations, especially the maps, look absolutely incredible in A2 size.


Just finished my first weekend of Christmas markets!

Massive thanks to @openartspaces and @urbanmakers_uk it’s always wonderful experience to trading with you. Hope we will work together more often next year! ❤️

Thanks to all the customers who purchased from me! You guys are amazing to choose shop small! You guys are super awesome and amazing! ❤️🥹😘

Special thanks to my customer @xiaoxiao_swap ! She came all the way from Luxembourg just for buying my postcards! I hope you enjoy your trip to London and I will try my best to illustrate the map of Luxembourg for you in 2024. ❤️

Thanks to all my stall neighbors and friends! We are so happy to meet you guys! I hope we all had a great time and I wish you guys all the best and hope we meet each other again soon! ❤️❤️

It was a bit like reunion yesterday!
@bigbagmomma is like my market mentor! She always helping me and show me so many tips! I’m super grateful to have her in my life. ❤️ she made super beautiful bags, baby onesie and many more great and beautiful things and you should check it out!

@psquared_psquared is my awesome market friend! She made all kind of cool bags, hair accessories and many more! I always call her the lady who made the magic bags! You have to check her account!

@jinnynguidesign is another my favorite market friends. She and her two cuties are awesome! Always so happy to see them and hope to see them more next year! She made all the super cute mugs, teabag dish and more. Please also stop by her account and check out her amazing creation. ❤️

First Christmas markets weekend was successful. We made total sale £1309.23 after deducted stall fee.

Hope next few markets/fairs will be as good as this weekend or even better! ❤️🤞

Our Next Market @pexmas and @solocraftfair See you there!

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Woohoo! It’s National Illustration Day today!

I want to use this birthday card I illustrated to celebrate this day! Yay!

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Packing up cute keychain order for a customer and my baby Spam keychain found his new home in Australia and going to live with his favorite family soon. ❤️

Thank you so much for being so kind, friendly and supportive. 🥰

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I just recently published 4 board books in Spain with Libsa Editorial. Here is the first book video! ❤️❤️

Apart from selling my own products in the markets in London I also published books and lots other things. This is just a full time illustrator life. 😂 I’m always busy and always tired but I’m happy.

今年在西班牙出版的四本童書終於問世了!等到我都快禿頭!😆 先給大家大家看第一本吧!

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Cat out of the bag now!
My final markets of 2023!
Woohoo 🥳 we are going to @pexmas Christmas market on the 2nd of December!

The day after we are going back to the lovely @solocraftfair Between the Bridge (right next to the beautiful London Eye)

The following Saturday is @illustratorsfair ! I’m so happy to have this opportunity to trade in this amazing event again and this time I have massive improved my stall so everything is going to be great!

The next day is the same location but we are going to trade with @craftyfoxmarket in their Crafty Cub Christmas market so I hope everything goes well. Fingers crossed 🤞

This will wrapped up my 2023 in London very well. If you can visit me in these markets would be great!

Everything I sell in markets are special price. 😉❤️

I won’t trade in any markets from mid December to end of February as I have getting a few big projects to working on. I also want to create more new maps and new postcard collections so I want to take those two months off to really focus on commissions and new products. ❤️

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I want to take a moment and thanks to everyone who purchased my Christmas ornaments.

It’s always very stressful to make and trying to sell new products. Especially seasonal items because the time frame and the window is so tight. I’m not like other sellers that were favored by algorithms and I don’t even know how many people can see this post. I just hope all my customers know how much I appreciate your support. No matter what you ordered from my shop. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

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Warm up for my next map!
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