Vintage Kitchen Illustrations
August 21, 2013

As a freelance illustrator I’m always thinking about two things. One is creating new interesting works and the other is making money. The former is actually quite easy, I’ve always got fresh ideas for creating new works but sadly don’t have the time to implement these most of the time. This summer especially I’ve been busy with day job working as a chef (it’s been especially busy just recently as Edinburgh is currently hosting it’s annual Fringe Festival) so time has been especially limited.

One option for the latter, making money, is to sell my works on websites like Etsy. Etsy, in case you’ve never heard of it before, is an online shop where you can sell and buy many different items created by one’s self. Products can range from chairs, to belts, to prints, to art, to baby clothes and really most things you can think about. So I’ve decided to put some of my more “stock” images on this site in an attempt to make some money.

This project is entitled “Vintage Kitchen”. I’ve always been a big fan of vintage/retro items and as my current day job is working as a professional chef I also have a great interest in most things cooking, whether it be cookware, kitchenware, food or whatever. So this project came to my really easily and I decided to create a whole series of prints with a vintage theme. For each poster I’ve also included a quote by different chefs including Julia Childs, Anthony Bourdain and others. Luckily I’ve already sold several prints and have interest in others but in the short time I’ve had the shop actually selling items I’m pretty pleased with this. I don’t think I can quite quit the day job yet (saying that I’m working on several really big commissions right now) but we’ll see what happns.

As a note all of my prints are custom made and they can include text, or not include text, depending on what one requires and are available in different sizes and print papers.

So here are just a few posters created so far. Hope you like.


Vintage Tea Sets Illustration:

Larger Pot Gift for All Illustration: 

Smiley Omelette Original Illustration:

Made for each other salt and pepper shakers illustration:

Retro Kitchen Illustration with Julia Child Quote:

Custom made set of three illustrations:

This is also my first sale on the Etsy which made me feel really really happy.


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