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Beautiful Birds Illustrations

Last November a Taiwanese publisher contacted me to see if I was interested in creating a number of illustrations for a four year old children’s activity book. So over the past five weeks I have created a total of 155 illustrations for this book and this is why I completely disappeared from the internet and my social life.

As a mother with a nearly three year old daughter who is a direct descendent of the Energiser Bunny, and with the nursery being closed for 10 days over the Christmas and New Year period, working freelance can be a little tricky. This is amplified by Chris and I not having any family who can help us out and also Chris working a lot over the festive period.

But somewhere I managed it and now I have finally completed all illustrations for the book and before the final deadline. I swear I nearly cried in front of my computer at the moment I finished the last illustration. It’s almost the same feeling as when I was in labour for four days and the midwife finally told me “you’re finally “ten fingers” open, it’s time to push!”. If you’ve had a child, you’ll hopefully be able to appreciate this.

In the past four months I have illustrated two books and love working on these books, so I’ll hopefully be able to do more of these in 2015.

Back to the book itself and specifically this section on birds, I was a little scared of drawing birds as I’ve never drawn birds before but I really like how they turned out. I even want to draw more different kinds of birds in the future for my own personal projects.

So below are four birds I illustrated for this project. Hope you like.


Northern Cardinal Illustration: 


Blue Jay Illustration: 


Rooster Illustration: 


Pigeon Illustration: 


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