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I’m an Edinburgh, Scotland, based illustrator and my website is full of fun and delicious art created by me, Liv Wan. My work combines the loves of my life including my family, food and travel to create illustrations that are fun and will often make you laugh. I’m currently working with Snapchat and some other high profile clients but I’m always looking to work with new clients, especially those who will give me some creative freedom.

Welcome to my website!

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I don’t know much about ballet but I have always love ballet. I just feel it’s so elegant and beautiful.

When my daughter was little I used to have this ballerina dream for her but sadly she never really keen on ballet and instead she choose tennis. If I have a granddaughter in the future I will take my granddaughter to ballet class in the future 😂!

So I draw nutcracker for my Christmas in July for my ballet dream. 😊

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Hello everyone!

I have a new stockist in the Hong Kong now!
If you would like to buy my Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and Japan jigsaw puzzles and postcards. Please have a look of their website and Instagram account to find out more. They will directly ship to you from Hong Kong. 😊😊

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Good morning (or good evening!) everyone!

It’s me and my Christmas art baby again!
The last two designs are warm up for me and I use the more traditional colours to created those two designs. But the next few designs will be something in the colours that I love! I hope you like this one. ❤️❤️❤️

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New Christmas design! I saw some people use old and maybe broken alarm clock made it into some super nice Christmas decorations on Pinterest. I just love it so I use this idea as my inspiration for this Christmas design. 😊

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This week theme is Christmas cards!

One of my favorite time of the year because most of my clients are not working in this holiday time so I can have some relax time with my family as well. Yay!

I got this inspiration from vintage candy tin box decorations on my Pinterest board. I just love this kind of Christmas decorations. Especially I just start trying to get into the “zone”. It’s not very easy to get into the zone when it’s summer. I usually put Christmas music on and scan throw millions of Christmas photos to get myself into the Christmas design mode. 😅

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2022 version of Taiwan Street Food Map is done!

I have been wanting to re-do all of my older maps for a while. So this is my first re-do maps. I just feel my old maps can’t represent my current style anymore. 😅


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Liv Wan’s illustrations have helped to move our brand forward and to present our festival as a colourful, fun and vibrant experience. The illustrations we commissioned exceeded our expectations as they were beautifully executed and presented with such passion. Liv is always a delight to work with, delivers on deadline and we will definitely ask her for more in the future.

Sue Hitchin
Managing Director
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I commissioned Liv to produce banner illustrations for an arts project, ‘Creative Communities’ in Kilmacolm. Liv is an excellent illustrator who responded to the brief promptly and accurately. Her work really adds a sense of fun to the site. The client was absolutely delighted with the end result. Highly recommended.

Ken Gray
Freelance Print and Web Designer
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I have commissioned Liv on several occasions and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again in the future. She illustrated food products for food packaging I was designing and did a great job, taking direction brilliantly and creating a really beautiful end result.

In brief, she is easy to work with and does a great job. Thanks Liv!

Sophie Richards
Creative Partner
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“We are thrilled to have so many deliciously illustrated recipes and fabulous foodie maps by Liv on our sites. It was so great to be able to publish a cookbook of her recipes. Her book “The Illustrative Chef”, printed so beautifully! The color and detail is amazing.

It’s a tribute to an artist who really knows how to design for print. Plus, she is a really good cook! It’s always a joy for us to post her latest work on They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel. She helps keep our sites colorful and creative!”

Salli S Swindell
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We hired Liv to create a fun illustrated poster of our new product – Pasokin – Peanut Butter Crumbs – We wanted something fun, colorful and with our brand’s identity. Liv was very professional and helpful with ideas.

We loved the design from the beginning but we worked together to get to the perfect version. She has willing to make all the chances we ask for. The final result is wonderful and people always ask us who made this illustration. We are very satisfy with her work. Will definitely hire her again in case We need another piece of art!

Marco Amselem
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