Hello and welcome to Liv Wan Illustration

My shop is full of fun and delicious art created by me. I mainly sell map illustrations and postcards because I love food, travel and drawing and map illustration is the best way to combine three of my passions of life. That’s why I enjoyed creating these maps. I also created other illustration and products and you can find them in my shop as well. 

Shop Announcements

7th August 2020

**Coronavirus Update**
International services are operational and we continue to accept orders for destinations across the globe. However, delays are expected due to the authorities in these countries applying special orders e.g. quarantine; or special measures being implemented by the local postal/delivery service to minimise the spread of the virus.

1st August 2020

Prior to this date I was using a pro photo lab to produce A2 prints but I’m now printing these myself. As a result these prints are much cheaper now. All of my printed illustrations, especially the maps, look absolutely incredible in A2 size.