Lees Of Scotland Macaringues Packaging Illustration

Lees Of Scotland Macaringues Packaging Illustration

Lees Of Scotland Macaringues Package Illustration. Just right before Christmas, I was shopping in Tesco and picked up their Christmas magazine. Low and behold I finally saw the packaging illustration I completed for Lee’s Food, and specifically their Macaraingues product, in their magazine.

It looked like their Macaringues were only on sale online as I quickly sprinted back around the store to try to find this product and I couldn’t find it online either but just after Xmas I did a Tesco shop online and they had them in stock. I was naturally absolutely delighted to see my illustrations on some packaging available in a major supermarket and personally I think it looks great.

It turns out for now at least the Macaringues are exclusively on sale at Tesco and the product contains 24 Macarinques but it’s really nice to see some packaging I was involved in creating is now available on the shelves at a supermarket. I have been waiting two years for this particular product to be sold but it’s been worth the long wait.

It was great to work with Lee’s Food and the awesome designers at Flock Creative. They have all been very friendly, nice, helpful and supportive. It’s always feel like happy and easy to work with them.

For this job, the shop of the macarinques was the key thing to capture. Over the last two years I have illustrated all kinds of different shapes and angles for the macaringues but luckily I was able to bring my own illustration style into this project. So that was great!

This was the second product I have illustrated for Lee’s Food, the first being mini snowballs which are also available in supermarkets. That was a great project to work on as well and I hope in the future I can work with them again. It would in fact be great to work with any companies/agencies that deal with food packaging.

I really hope this project can generate more “packaging” illustration or design commission projects for me in the future as I love this kind of project. I can draw anything and work on any kind of illustration projects. But food and drink illustrations are one of my biggest passions. Plus it always feels great to see your own illustrations on the local supermarket shelf. So if you are looking for an illustrator to illustrate and design your product packaging. Please contact me!

lees macaringues packaging illustration
lees macaringues
Taiwan Treat Packaging Design and Illustrations

Taiwan Treat Packaging Design and Illustrations

This summer I was commissioned by a San Francisco food company “Taiwan Treat” to illustrate their new food packaging. Taiwan Treat, just to give you a little information, is a subscription based food service. You pay a monthly fee and a box of food arrives, quite cool.

My client sells delicious Taiwanese snacks, tea and treats, so initial ideas were based upon and inspired by Taiwanese culture and attractions. So I illustrated the front of the box as well the inside of the box.

So for the front of the box, I illustrated Taiwan’s night markets, the 1010 building, The Red house theatre, Presidential office, tea culture, mountain, pearl milk tea / bubble tea, hot springs…etc. The whole image is colourful but not too over the top. It also stands out and is full of Taiwanese culture. You may not know what’s inside the box but you will at least know that it’s related to Taiwan.

For the inside-the-box illustration, my client wanted me to illustrate some fun and cute characters. I decided to depict Native Taiwanese (also know as the indigenous peoples of Taiwan) children wearing their traditional costumes while playing and feeding a Formosan black bear with some Taiwanese snacks. I’m sure I don’t need to mention don’t try feeding a bear but if you see one, don’t, run!

I decided to use native Taiwanese children as part of the main characters as I’ve always been fascinated by the native tribe culture. There’s a “Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park” in Pingtung which I have visited a couple times and it’s extremely fascinating. Also when I was around 8 or 9 years old I wen to a Native Taiwanese culture camp and just loved their culture and stories. So I decided to create my characters based on the biggest tribe called “Amis” and to illustrate those kids wearing Amis’s costumes and hair pieces.

I also decided to illustrate a Formosan black bear because bears are one of my favourite animals to illustrate and can look very cute. Formosan black bears were voted the most representative wildlife of Taiwan in 2001 and even now you can still see a lot of Taiwan souvenir’s and materials that use Formosan black bears as the main character.

Over the last six months I’ve been commissioned with a lot of food packaging illustrations and designs and I really love this kind of project. So if you need an illustrator to illustrate and design your food packaging or you need someone to draw something for you, I’d love to hear from you.

taiwan treat packaging design and illustration
bear and child illustration
Lees Food Mini Snowball Illustrations

Lees Food Mini Snowball Illustrations

Early in 2014 I was hired by an Edinburgh based design agency to illustrate some food packaging for their client. After a brief meeting I found out the client is “Lees of Scotland” who you will find in many supermarkets. After that initial project I have illustrated multiple projects for them since but unfortunately because these products are not yet out on the shelves I can’t discuss them.

This project is the first time I have illustrated “packaging”. If you follow my work you know I really like to illustrate anything food and drink related but of course food and drink illustrations are not the only type of illustrations I do or am interested in. As this is my first packaging illustration job I would really like to use this opportunity to open up the “packaging illustration” market in the future. I’ve always thought it’s quite difficult for a freelance illustrator who doesn’t have an illustration agent representing them to get this kind of job. Most food companies, magazines etc like to commission illustrators straight from an art or illustration agent. One of my near future targets, once I have completed the numerous projects I’m working on now, is to get an art/illustration to represent me and my work.

Most of the illustration projects I work on are usually advertising related so I can usually tell anyone about the projects I’m working on and I can put anything related to these projects on any social media. It’s both hard and painful for me, especially when some people say “Hey! Why didn’t you update your instagram account for such a long time?” or “Are you? You haven’t put anything new on Facebook”. The fact is I work every single day of my life, no matter whether it’s on paid or personal personal projects. I’m usually not allowed so show people anything until the moment the client announces the final product or work on their website, social media pages etc and this process usually takes a while. A short period of time from the moment I’m hired to the item going live is about 3-4 months. Sometimes it will take 18 months to two years. It’s very different compared with editorial projects which you can just announce after the magazine is published or online.

The illustrations in this article are the ones I completed for “Lees of Scotland 18 mini snowballs” packaging. I have illustrated a single snowball, a bitten snowball, a stack as well as a tower of snowballs. From what I have understood and seen, Lees of Scotland have never used illustrations on their packaging before. They have always used traditional foo photography on their packaging to represent their products. So that they have used illustrations instead of photography is, for me at least, really great. Hopefully this will lead to not only more work with Lees but other food companies in the future (hint hint).

A final note this is the first time I will have seen my illustrations on an actual product on the UK supermarket shelf. How cool is that?!

Mini Snowball Illustration
snowball bite illustration
snowball illustration
Lees Food Snowball Illustration
sweet snowball illustration
tower of snowballs illustration

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