Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration

Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration

A couple weeks ago I suddenly decided I really wanted to make a Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration, based on a recipe that I learnt while working as a chef, and I liked it so much I also decided to cook it as well.

The recipe for the illustration is a little simpler than the real thing but if you want to have a go at making this dessert yourself, switch over to my food blog. It will be better if you follow the clear and detailed cooking instruction from my recipe on my food blog (although both are delicious).

Just recently I realised I haven’t created any recipe illustrations for a really long time. I’ve been so busy with everything around me for a really long time; family and commissions have kept me very busy, and this has had both positive and negative effects on my portfolio. The position is I get to show off new work that I’ve created for people but the negative is a lot of the work isn’t really in my style. So I decided from this spring no matter how busy I am I’m going to spend some time each week to create personal projects.

So I started Lilla Roger’s MATS A course and also joined her portfolio bootcamp which I have already shared quite a lot of the work I’ve created on this website. There’s still more to come and I’m learning a lot and really enjoying her course but I also want to create more recipe illustrations to share on They Draw and Cook. I enjoy creating work for their website and each time I submit a couple recipes I nearly always get some food illustration work.

This is a very easy dessert to prepare and one special thing about this dessert is if you’re a vegan this dessert can totally go “Vegan Friendly”! All you need to do is use vegan butter and only coconut milk instead. The rice pudding from this recipe will turn out quite thick if you like your rice pudding more loose and but to make it more liquid add more coconut milk or milk as you wish.

I learnt the recipe for Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding from one of the restaurants I worked in before but I decided to change the recipe a little bit. The original recipe for caramelised pineapple rice pudding called for rum but myself and my family don’t like rum in our desserts. My daughter especially can’t have rum (she’s only 5!) so I just left out the run. But if you like a bit of alcohol in your dessert please feel free to add. Add the rum after you’ve added the butter in the recipe and reduce the amount of water.

This is a dessert that will warm your heart and body. I think it’s a perfect dessert for the spring in Edinburgh and I hope you enjoy this dessert.

Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

Recently I’ve been working more on my personal projects. I’m still really busy with paid work but I was thinking about what I’ve produced in the last 12 months and I’ve barely created anything for myself and while it’s great I’m getting paid work I really want to keep creating work for myself and my portfolio. So I decided to create a series of illustrations called ‘Coffee Lovers”.

I love drinking coffee and I absolutely must have a cup of coffee in the morning or my day just won’t go anywhere. Drinking coffee is like a very important ritual in my daily life and with this in mind I started work on a series of illustrations that will celebrate “Coffee”. I’ve also decided to use this series of illustrations to create a calendar for next year, which means I will have finish 12 illustrations plus a front cover for this calendar before October.

So far I have completed 4 illustrations and I’ve already got ideas for the next three illustrations. I will use the same colour palette to colour this series series of illustrations to make them look like a “collection”. I also started working on a “hand lettering” series of illustrations which you’ll see more and more of appearing in my illustrations.

The first illustration for this series is “Barista Magic”. The idea for this illustration came from a tiny sketch I was drawing in my sketchbook. I sketch every day and can quite often just doodle away and this is one of those illustrations I started sketching without much thought but I really liked it and I was drinking coffee (surprise surprise!) at the time and I thought my illustration was quite nice.

I also do quite a lot of research on websites like Pinterest. I’m always looking for things that will inspire me and I saw this very vintage, retro looking electronic coffee pot on Pinterest which I just loved. I illustrated this electronic coffee pot with a barista on the front making coffee. It’s almost like saying this coffee pot can make coffee just like a professional barista can make coffee for you.

I love coffee but most of the time I only drink instant coffee. I don’t have the time of patience to grind my own beans and I have one of those fancy coffee machines with the small different flavour pots which to be fair does make nice coffee but if you drink 3-4 cups of coffee like me a day they can be really expensive. It’s especially annoying when you get too focused on your work, forget you have a hot drink and you end up drinking a coffee that cost a couple pounds (or whatever the pods cost) and it’s cold.

This why I only drink instant coffee at home now but occasionally I will have a nice coffee outside in a cafe at the weekend.

So when I drew this “Barista Magic” illustration, I was thinking what if there is a coffee pot that looks cute, pretty but in a classic vintage style that can make me affordable coffee at home. This would be magic! This is where my idea for these illustrations came from.

I illustrated some spilt coffee and also the steam that comes out from the pot into heart shapes because this is an illustration about love. My love affair with coffee! I also illustrated things like biscotti, sugar cubes, spices, teaspoons, cups etc, those things you will need for making a cup of coffee or you will eat with your coffee.

The rest of the illustrations are ” Love is Brewing”, ” Travelling Cafe”, ” A Cup of Joy” and I’ve written about each of these under their respective illustrations.


cafe barista magic illustration

Love is Brewing

The idea behind “Love is Brewing” is about a coffee date. Couples that have their date with a cup of coffee and coffee makes everything better (coffee lovers like me can understand this) and romance, love and relationship grow when the coffee is brewing.

love is brewing illustration

Travelling Cafe

“Travelling Cafe” is just one of my silly day dreaming ideas. One day I was working in my studio and the weather was cold and miserable. Typical Scottish winter! I was imagining what if there was a magic travelling cafe truck or van stopped outside of my home, that would be fantastic!

Because this travelling cafe has to be quite “magical” I didn’t go looking for a normal food van or truck for this illustration. Instead I illustrate a cafe truck/van in the shape of a coffee pot.

travelling cafe illustration
a cup of joy illustration

A Cup of Joy

When I illustrated this illustration it was also a cold, dark and miserable day in Edinburgh. In fact this winter has been downright miserable, it’s been particularly cold and wet. So I was drinking my freshly made coffee and I used a coffee mug to warm my hands and I was drinking the hot coffee to warm my body and then I thought about how nice a warm bubble bath would. I didn’t make a bath, it would just send me back to bed but I thought about how the bubbles look so similar to the foam on a coffee mug.

It will be super awesome if I can have a “coffee cup” in the shape of a bath tub. This is how I got inspiration for this illustration. I drew a pink pet pig because I really want to have a pet pig and little piglets looks so cute.


coffee lovers sketches
coffee lovers sketches
coffee lovers sketches
coffee lovers sketches
coffee lovers sketches

I hope you like my “Coffee Lover” illustrations so far. I have put these four illustrations on my Etsy shop. If you like them you can purchase different sized prints on my Etsy shop.

Stay tuned! There will be more “Coffee Lovers” illustrations coming out soon!

Bohemian Wanderer

Bohemian Wanderer

“Bohemian Wanderer” is my first assignment for Lilla Roger’s portfolio bootcamp. This is the first time I have joined her portfolio bootcamp and I have to admit I struggled a little hen I saw the assignment brief.

We were asked to go out and look for “patterns” around us, including manhole overs, tiles, fences, leaves, anything, and we have to use these pictures to create abstract patterns to use on a backpack.

I don’t do abstract illustrations at all so this assignment really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Now I live in central Edinburgh we have all kinds of things to see so I went around my neighbourhood looking for patterns and I also visited the Royal Botanic Gardens to look for patterns as well. In the end I decided to use things like snowdrops, a tiny flower shape sewing pattern from a cushion, patterns on a leaf, a leaf from my garden and from tiles from a charity store to help me create this work.

So I named this illustration/backpack/pattern collection “Bohemian Wanderer” because the colour and pattern has a bohemian style and fashion. Also because it involves “travel” I also used similar style patterns and the same colours to create a lot of things you might pack with you in your backpack when you travel. These include things like hand cream, a camera, a little zip bag for your change, a notebook, pen and socks. I love to bring these things with me when I travel and I guess probably many people will bring these things wit them when they travel?

Below are the backpack and other product illustrations I create and some of the patterns I designed for this project. I can’t wait to see what the next bootcamp assignment involves. So excited!

bohemian wanderer illustration
bohemian flower pattern
orange flower pattern
snowdrop pattern
snowdrop pattern illustration
bohemian flower pattern bag
orange flower pattern backpack
snowdrop pattern backpack
snowdrop pattern backpack
Little White Cat

Little White Cat

little white cat illustration

“The Little White Cat” children’s book illustration is the third assignment from my MATS A class (Make Art That Sells). This part of the course is targeting the “children’s book” market, something I’m very keen to do more of in the future, for which we’ve all been given a mini exercise to draw all kinds of cats.

It’s so important to show the character’s persona in children’s books so I started out drawing all kinds of different cats from different positions and angles.

Every time I need to draw a “cat” I always think about my cat “Mimi” in Taiwan. He is my first cat and just like one’s “first born” of the family, he is very special and irreplaceable. Before he came into my life, I wasn’t a cat person at all. In fact I was always a little bit scared of cats and felt they can be unfriendly and somewhat creepy. My husband and I had a cat for a few years but he was an absolute turd of a cat, really horrible personality, so after a few years of fighting with him (the cat, not husband!) he had to go. Mimi on the other hand is absolutely lovely. I resented Mimi a little at first when he came to my home for the first time as he couldn’t stay away from me. Every time I watched TV he would either lie on my and sleep or want to play.

I guess this was because my parents weren’t at home much and he was only 1 month old when he came to my home, so naturally just like a child, he needed lots of love and care and I was the only one there for him. Now he isn’t a little kitty anymore and instead he is a huge old fat cat. He is nearly 17 years old (his birth date is 20th May 2000) and he weighs around 8.5kg (he’s half Maine Coon). The last time I saw him he was healthy and active but fingers crossed he will stay that way for a very long time.

But back to my assignment, I decided to illustrate a book cover for this assignment. The main character is the white cat who was a princess but when she was cursed she became a white cat. When she first appears in the book, she is wearing a black veil which you can see in the illustration. Because she was a “pretty princess cat, I thought she should look very special. A few years ago I went to Bali with my husband and parents. My mother bought me a cat’s statue and the cat statue had beautiful flower patterns on it so I decided to draw some pretty patterns on my white cat character to make her look more special.

One of the biggest challenges is how to illustrate the white cat character to be very feminine but I think I nailed it. I’m really pleased with how it looks and especially as I’ve only had male cats in my life. During the process of creating the Little White Cat illustration, I searched a lot of female cat photos while sketching and kept saying to myself “you’re drawing a female cat!” in my head when I was drawing. I think that helped a lot.

Apart from making a book cover, I also created a few different patterns with the white cat character illustrations which you can see below. The red background white cat pattern (I called this collection of patterns “My little white cat in red”) was also featured on the Redbubble website homepage which I just put on. If you are interested in my products you can have a look at my Redbubble and Artrookie websites. Both websites have my works on different kinds of products.

My Redbubble profile:

My Artrookie profile:

hot pink little white cat illustration
red my little white cat illustration
purple white cat illustration
hot pink little white cat illustration
red my little white cat illustration
Buddha Bowl Illustration

Buddha Bowl Illustration

Buddha Bowl Illustration. Around a month ago I was contacted by a new magazine in Edinburgh called “Turadh Magazine” with a view to creating an illustration for them. Turadh is the Scottish Gaelic word for a “break in the clouds” and Turadh magazine is about wellbeing and mindfulness. April Smith, who is the magazine editor, and I met at the Edinburgh “Magfest” event and she asked me if I could create an illustration for their “D.I.Y. Buddha Bowl” article.

When we discussed ideas about the article, April was really respectful of my opinions and ideas for this illustration. I provided two different sketches of this illustration and she picked the one we both really liked. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a “cooking scene”, the kind where you’re looking down on someone preparing and/or cooking food but I’ve not a chance to do this until now. I like the kind of photos that only show people’s hands, the food they are making and the table setting. This is what I proposed and so I was really happy to be able to create this editorial illustration.

If you’ve never heard about a Buddha Bowl before they are basically a vegetarian health dish. Some people call them “protein bowls”, some “glory bowls” and my favourite is a “hippy bowl”. Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow loves these (not saying this is a fact) so you get the idea of who might like these. In fact I would I eat these at home but for my husband demanding meat in almost ever meal we eat. Literally if meatatarian were a term he’d be one.

Because this article is about making a buddha bowl, I illustrated a load of vegetables, grains, a chopping board and other ingredients that you can use to create your own buddha bowl around it. The idea is the reader reads the article and when they see the beautiful organic vegetables and ingredients, and of course the illustration itself, they will hopefully want to create one themselves.

So this is what I created for Turadh Magazine. Hope you like.

buddha bowl illustration
chopping board illustration
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