The Illustrative Chef Cook Book

When I started out as an illustrator just a few short years ago one of the things I discovered I was quite good at illustrating and also really enjoyed illustrating food. After all I was a chef for many years so it’s natural that any work I do will be influenced in some way or another by food.

For the last couple of years I’ve been submitting recipes to the wonderful They Draw and Cook website and in early 2015 they announced they would be hosting a competition to publish a book for some of the illustrators that submit recipes to their website. The criteria was to submit 30 recipes but certain dates then they would pick their favourites and make a book. I was one of these people.

So I’m immensely happy proud and happy to announce my first illustrated cookbook called the They Draw & Cook presents The Illustrative Chef. 30 illustrated recipes by Liv Wan.

Here are a few of the recipes along with a copy of the cover of the book. All of the recipes are completely different, some of which I have learnt through work, some through experimentation and some through memories.

The book will be sold exclusively through Amazon. You can buy it from Amazon USA The Illustrative Chef Amazon USA and Amazon UK The Illustrative Chef Amazon UK

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