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Map Postcard Reshoots
January 18, 2022

Map Postcard Reshoots. This Christmas I decided to reshoot a number of my map postcards and this also gives me a chance to talk about my process for making cards.

Originally when I started making maps and map postcards, I outsourced my postcards to a company in my home country, Taiwan. I searched for suppliers in the UK, Moo for example, but all were too expensive, so I designed them here but used a company in Taiwan.

The quality was pretty good but there were a number of things I wasn’t happy about including the company insisting on including a company barcode and details on the cards, the papers were a bit thin and the colours and alignment were often out.

So, a couple of years ago I invested in a larger format printer and researched all kinds of papers and settled on a fine-art cotton rag paper that is normally used for fine-art photo prints. I sometimes get asked “why are your cards so expensive?” but for what you get they really aren’t. If I used a UK supplier the quality would either be crap or they would be too expensive (possibly even both) and the mass-manufactured cards from East Asia (China, Taiwan etc) are just that, mass-manufactured so cheap but also not brilliant quality.

The paper I use is 310gsm, so really thick, the colours are fantastic (colourful, bold) and they are really great to touch and write on. I’m looking into laminating cards for 2022 (optional) to add an extra finish to the cards but for now, I have dozens of cards available on the cotton rag paper.

So below are a number of map postcard reshoots. These map postcard reshoots cover about a dozen cards and you can click on each one below. Hope you like them!

Argentina map postcard
Canada map postcard
Edinburgh map postcard
France Food Map Postcard
Japan map postcard
mexico map postcard
scotland food map postcard
Scottish Larder Postcard
Taiwan Fruit Map Postcard
Taiwan Street Food Map Postcard
UK map postcard
USA map postcard

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