Taiwan Postcard Illustrations

Taiwan Postcard Illustrations

This is my first commissioned project from aboard and it’s from my home country Taiwan. This Taiwanese souvenir company commissioned me to illustrate a series of illustrations based on Taiwan’s tourist attractions for them. The illustrations are going to print out as postcards and sell in many different shops in Taiwan.

As you can see this is not a easy project to illustrate as each illustration has a lot of details in it. So I spent a lot of time working on all those details. But I think the result are satisfying for me and also my client. I believe after this four locations: Alishan (阿里山), Jiufen (九份), Pingxi (平溪), Taipei City and 101 (台北市和101大樓), my client would like to commission me to illustrate another 10~15 locations around the Taiwan so it’s almost becoming a regular job, which is great.


Alishan Postcard Illustration 阿里山風景明信片:

This illustration inspired by the speciality of Alishan, which are Tea terrace, Train and cherry blossom.

Jiufen Postcard Illustration 九份老街風景明信片:

Inspired by the Jiufen old street, stairs, lanterns and shop banners.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Postcard Illustration 平溪天燈風景明信片:

I want to illustrate lots of people enjoying the Sky Lantern Festival event so I illustrated many characters having fun and lighting up the sky with their sky lanterns.


Taipei City and 101 building 台北市和101大樓:

My client asked me to illustrate this location in two different forms of illustrations. But in the end I end up with three different postcards to give my client more options to choose from.

Taiwan Street Food Map Illustration

Taiwan Street Food Map Illustration

It’s time for another new food map illustration! I illustrated this “Taiwan Street Food Map Illustration” for a Taiwanese souvenir company which I have been working with for a good few months now and this illustration is going to be printed out on postcards. It’s fun but tiring commission project due to the sheer amount of detail and thought that has to go into this. As you can see there are a lot of food and different elements on the map but it’s funny how I feel I know my home country better than ever after researching and then illustrating street foods from all around Taiwan.

If you asked me before doing this project what the speciality of “x” place was, apart from Taipei I probably couldn’t tell you, but if you now ask me what the local street food speciality of that area is I can now tell you in an instant.

This map illustration was inspired by the fact Taiwan is a country that is full of all kinds of delicious and cheap street foods. Taiwan is famous for it’s food and especially it’s street food which people from all over the world travel to try and I’ve always thought eating out in Taiwan is like a national activity. Almost every Taiwanese person will spend their free time of holidays looking for delicious food or restaurant. Taiwan is a true foodies country!

But drawing food is such a tough job for an illustrator because I have basically chained myself in front of my desk for many days drawing this map and drawing this map has made me super hungry and as a result I’m snacking all the time. I can sense I’ve put some weight on after finishing this illustration so now I’m minutely quieter I’m trying to go the gym as often as I can to try to erase both my weight and guilt.

Even though putting weight on was a bit annoying, drawing food is so much fun. I love drawing food and anything that brings happiness to people. Another thing I found challenging during the process of creating this illustration was finding the English name for some of the foods. Some dishes are easy to translate into English while some aren’t. Some examples of difficult dishes to translate are “seaweed shaved ice” and “blood tofu soup”. Hopefully one day the Taiwanese government will setup some kind of website or webpage with all the street foods translated into English.

Below are some of the food illustrations I did for this map. I was drooling in front of my desk all the time when I illustrated this map and especially when I had to draw some of my very favourite dishes like pork buns, zingzi and stinky tofu.


Next two images are the detail images of the map:

Individual elements:

If you would like to buy a print of the Taiwan Street Food Map Illustration you can buy it here from my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/289481597/taiwan-street-food-map-illustration-uk?ref=shop_home_listings

Taiwan Fruit Map Illustration

Taiwan Fruit Map Illustration

Taiwan, my home country, has always been known as the “Kingdom of Fruits” in Asia. So as part of a long term commission project I’ve been working for which I’m creating a number of illustrations depicting Taiwan, I decided to create this illustration inspired by the concept of “Taiwan, the Kingdom of Fruits”. I chose different kinds of fruits to represent the different cities of Taiwan. Apart from fruits, I also illustrated some speciality foods, tourist attractions and some other interesting features of cities.

Along with other work I spent around 2-3 weeks working on this project but even though I’m from Taiwan I haven’t visited every single city in Taiwan. I also haven’t lived there for nearly 10 years so unfortunately I’m not so familiar with the things of Taiwan anymore. So I took a while to do some research of each major cities background and tried to find fun and interesting things to illustrate for that city. Over the next few weeks I’ll be illustrating another 4 maps of Taiwan so I have to be careful not to overlap too many things incase people think the illustrations are repetitive.

I’m also really hoping I will have time to illustrate Edinburgh or even do a food map of Scotland. It was a really long process creating this map but I love the final illustration. This has madam wonder what will an Edinburgh city food map or Scotland food map will look like. So stay tuned and hopefully at some point over the summer I will post some more maps on the site.

So far this year I have illustrated a lot of food which I have been and still am really enjoying. I love delicious food and love illustrating good food. It’s so much fun and food is such a happy, colourful and fun top to illustrate

One thing that’s not so great about illustrating food though is you always have to start projects by looking for visual references and some of the foods have brought back memories and I’ve had to eat them, so since January I’ve put on a little weight. But joking aside, I’m really happy with this illustration as I created many colourful vibrant food illustrations for my portfolio and this is always something I really want to do.

Below is the Taiwan food map illustration and some detailed sections of the map. Hope you will like it.

If you would like to buy a print of the Taiwan Fruit Map Illustration you can buy it here from my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/289480045/taiwan-fruit-map-illustration-uk?ref=shop_home_listings

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