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Taiwan Postcard Illustrations
This is my first commissioned project from aboard and it’s from my home country Taiwan. This Taiwanese souvenir company commissioned me to illustrate a series of illustrations based on Taiwan’s tourist attractions for them. The illustrations are going to print out as postcards and sell in many different shops in Taiwan.

As you can see this is not a easy project to illustrate as each illustration has a lot of details in it. So I spent a lot of time working on all those details. But I think the result are satisfying for me and also my client. I believe after this four locations: Alishan (阿里山), Jiufen (九份), Pingxi (平溪), Taipei City and 101 (台北市和101大樓), my client would like to commission me to illustrate another 10~15 locations around the Taiwan so it’s almost becoming a regular job, which is great.


Alishan Postcard Illustration 阿里山風景明信片:

This illustration inspired by the speciality of Alishan, which are Tea terrace, Train and cherry blossom.

Jiufen Postcard Illustration 九份老街風景明信片:

Inspired by the Jiufen old street, stairs, lanterns and shop banners.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Postcard Illustration 平溪天燈風景明信片:

I want to illustrate lots of people enjoying the Sky Lantern Festival event so I illustrated many characters having fun and lighting up the sky with their sky lanterns.


Taipei City and 101 building 台北市和101大樓:

My client asked me to illustrate this location in two different forms of illustrations. But in the end I end up with three different postcards to give my client more options to choose from.

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