Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration

Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration

A couple weeks ago I suddenly decided I really wanted to make a Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration, based on a recipe that I learnt while working as a chef, and I liked it so much I also decided to cook it as well.

The recipe for the illustration is a little simpler than the real thing but if you want to have a go at making this dessert yourself, switch over to my food blog. It will be better if you follow the clear and detailed cooking instruction from my recipe on my food blog (although both are delicious).

Just recently I realised I haven’t created any recipe illustrations for a really long time. I’ve been so busy with everything around me for a really long time; family and commissions have kept me very busy, and this has had both positive and negative effects on my portfolio. The position is I get to show off new work that I’ve created for people but the negative is a lot of the work isn’t really in my style. So I decided from this spring no matter how busy I am I’m going to spend some time each week to create personal projects.

So I started Lilla Roger’s MATS A course and also joined her portfolio bootcamp which I have already shared quite a lot of the work I’ve created on this website. There’s still more to come and I’m learning a lot and really enjoying her course but I also want to create more recipe illustrations to share on They Draw and Cook. I enjoy creating work for their website and each time I submit a couple recipes I nearly always get some food illustration work.

This is a very easy dessert to prepare and one special thing about this dessert is if you’re a vegan this dessert can totally go “Vegan Friendly”! All you need to do is use vegan butter and only coconut milk instead. The rice pudding from this recipe will turn out quite thick if you like your rice pudding more loose and but to make it more liquid add more coconut milk or milk as you wish.

I learnt the recipe for Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding from one of the restaurants I worked in before but I decided to change the recipe a little bit. The original recipe for caramelised pineapple rice pudding called for rum but myself and my family don’t like rum in our desserts. My daughter especially can’t have rum (she’s only 5!) so I just left out the run. But if you like a bit of alcohol in your dessert please feel free to add. Add the rum after you’ve added the butter in the recipe and reduce the amount of water.

This is a dessert that will warm your heart and body. I think it’s a perfect dessert for the spring in Edinburgh and I hope you enjoy this dessert.

Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding Illustration
Buddha Bowl Illustration

Buddha Bowl Illustration

Buddha Bowl Illustration. Around a month ago I was contacted by a new magazine in Edinburgh called “Turadh Magazine” with a view to creating an illustration for them. Turadh is the Scottish Gaelic word for a “break in the clouds” and Turadh magazine is about wellbeing and mindfulness. April Smith, who is the magazine editor, and I met at the Edinburgh “Magfest” event and she asked me if I could create an illustration for their “D.I.Y. Buddha Bowl” article.

When we discussed ideas about the article, April was really respectful of my opinions and ideas for this illustration. I provided two different sketches of this illustration and she picked the one we both really liked. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a “cooking scene”, the kind where you’re looking down on someone preparing and/or cooking food but I’ve not a chance to do this until now. I like the kind of photos that only show people’s hands, the food they are making and the table setting. This is what I proposed and so I was really happy to be able to create this editorial illustration.

If you’ve never heard about a Buddha Bowl before they are basically a vegetarian health dish. Some people call them “protein bowls”, some “glory bowls” and my favourite is a “hippy bowl”. Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow loves these (not saying this is a fact) so you get the idea of who might like these. In fact I would I eat these at home but for my husband demanding meat in almost ever meal we eat. Literally if meatatarian were a term he’d be one.

Because this article is about making a buddha bowl, I illustrated a load of vegetables, grains, a chopping board and other ingredients that you can use to create your own buddha bowl around it. The idea is the reader reads the article and when they see the beautiful organic vegetables and ingredients, and of course the illustration itself, they will hopefully want to create one themselves.

So this is what I created for Turadh Magazine. Hope you like.

buddha bowl illustration
chopping board illustration
Pasokin Peanut Butter Crumbs Poster

Pasokin Peanut Butter Crumbs Poster

pasokin peanut butter crumbs poster

Two days before Christmas 2016 I was contacted by a California based food company called “Pasokin Candy” who asked me if I could create some illustrations for a poster and flyer illustration and design for them. The idea is they would display the posters in cafes and yoghurt/ice cream bars and they also wanted flyers that could be left on tables.

Pasokin specialise in peanut based snacks that are high in protein and fibre and originate from Brazil. They sell both a “Pasokin Original Peanut Snack” as well as “Peanut Butter Crumbs” which you add as a topping onto yoghurts, smoothies, ice cream etc.

I was over the moon as I love working on this kind of project and it also sounds like a lot of fun. Funny thing is I live in the UK but I get most of my commissions from all over the world. I’m working on a large long term contract with a customer from China and many of my clients are from the USA while just a handful are from then UK.

Pasokin basically found me through my Instagram channel and after a few emails communicating about what they wanted, we decided to use bright yellow from the packaging as the background colour. They wanted the poster and flyer to appeal to families with children, old people and athletes. I created two different styles of poster, one which is quite complicated with a lot of details and the other final version a lot simpler. For the first poster I tried to illustrate everything the client wanted on a single poster but we mutually felt it was too complicated so I redesigned the whole thing and produced another poster sketch for my client.

They loved the second poster idea so we went ahead with that. For the second poster idea, I illustrated a family of four. The dad represents the athlete and because peanut candy crumbs are mainly added to breakfast bowls, acas bowls porridge, smoothies etc, I also illustrated a grandmother, mother and child adding pasokin peanut candy crumbs into their bowls. The little boy added peanut crumbs to his ice cream and the main message is that the product is “100% Natural and Gluten free but also suitable for vegans.

It was fun, challenging but also satisfying working on this kind of project. For the vast majority of jobs I do I just focus on creating illustrating but for this job I was able to do the “design” part of the job as well, so I got full control of the art direction which for me was a delight.

So within this article are three pictures. The first is the final poster, the second is the first more complicated poster and I’ve also included the original header I created and that was approved but then Pasokin completely changed their mind.

pasokin logo
food poster advertising campaign
Bread Meats Bread Childrens Menu Illustration

Bread Meats Bread Childrens Menu Illustration

Bread Meats Bread Chilldrens Menu Illustration. One of my person projects in 2016 was to create an illustrated restaurant guide for Edinburgh and one of the restaurants I chose to illustrate is “Bread Meats Bread”, which is a very popular and even more delicious burger restaurant in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

One thing that cities in the UK especially don’t lack are burger restaurants. Edinburgh has literally dozens of them and my husband and I have been to a few but for us Bread Meats is one of the really special ones. Their burgers are delicious in general and their luther burgers (especially) and poutine’s are really something special.

This illustrated restaurant guide is my tribute to some the coolest and best restaurants in and around Edinburgh and so I was delighted when the owner of Bread Meats Bread contacted me for this exciting project. Personally I love it when my personal projects turn into jobs and it was a pleasure meeting Yll, the manager/owner at Bread Meats Bread in his original Glasgow restaurant to discuss ideas.

Ylli really liked my illustrated restaurant guide so we decided to use the same idea but redesigned and re-illustrated for their children’s menu. This is the first time they have created a children’s menu and it was my first time creating a children’s menu so it was a lot of fun to work on.

I’ve also recorded a time lapse video of how I drew a buttermilk chicken burger. I tend to share quite a lot of sketches on my social media channels so people have been asking me what my illustration process is. So I’ve attached a time lapse video that shares part of my illustration process. I hope this will demonstrate how a fairly rough sketch turns into a final piece of work.

I’m still waiting to see an actual printed children’s menu so I might visit Bread Meats Bread sometime soon to try to grab a copy of the menu I designed and illustrated.

bread meats bread childrens menu
bread meats bread childrens menu

I also created a timelapse that shows how I illustrated one of the menu items. People often ask me how I create items and I’ve just finished putting together my second Chinese language illustration class so thought it would be fun to share my process.

American Cookbook Illustrations

American Cookbook Illustrations

This American Cookbook Illustrations project is another really fun project that I worked on in 2016. An American lady hired me to illustrate 20 recipe illustrations for her cookbook. She decided to make a cookbook for her friends and family for a Christmas gift so she got in touch, we agreed on terms and prices and then we got to work.

We’re both very busy people, she has a busy full time job and I’m always working on 4-5 commissioned projects every month so we both decided to work on this project over the course of 3-4 months simply to give both of us less pressure.

So the way we worked together is she cooked a batch of dishes she wanted to put in this book and she took some really simple photos (but clear enough for me to see the shape and colour of the food. She would then email me the photos, I would sketch the dishes and email back to her for approval. I would illustrate the food in different platings and with different surroundings. Once approved I would develop the illustrations in Illustrator and do final editing in Photoshop. This is typical of how I work with almost all of my clients.

The most challenging part of this project is there were some dishes I have never cooked or tried in my life. Once I have tried a dish I’m pretty good at visualising how it should be plated but three dishes; “Stuffed Chayote“, ” Achiote Chickpeas” and “Sloppy Joe” I’ve never tried. So for these dishes I had to email my customer back a couple time to ask for a recipe and/or list of ingredients for that dish. But I do think my chef background helps a lot when I work on this kind of project as I understand a lot of theories about cooking and cooking techniques for a lot of food and ingredients.

My experiences of cooking for my own food blog also helps me a lot when working on this kind of project. If you follow my food blog “Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey” then you know I cook and style all the dishes in my food blog and my husband Chris takes photos for my food. I think many years of food styling and helping out my husband to take food photos helps me to visualise the dish and how to make the whole setting look beautiful. I like to let the surrounding decorations, such as ingredients, tablecloth, cutlery and food itself to tell the story and communicate with viewer through the photos. So I use the same way to comes out some decoration and different setting and angle for my food illustrations as well to try to make viewers feel hungry when they see my food illustrations.

Below are some of the food illustrations from this project. If you want to make a unique and special illustrated cookbook for your friends and family and need some help, please contact me. I can help you with your food illustrations and more.

Achiote Chickpeas illustration
boiled peas with tasso ham illustration
creamy risotto with beet greens illustration
fideo illustration
milanese with rice and beans illustration
naked strawberry cake illustration
pot roast illustration
quinoa paella illustration
stuffed chayote illustration
sweet potato mac and cheese illustration
beer simmered bratwurst illustration
chocolate avocado cake illustration
enchiladas royas and suizas illustration
grilled pineapple with cheese illustration
nachos illustration
pastor illustration
purple potato salad illustration
sloppy joe illustration
sweet potato gratin illustration
tofu taco illustration
Pink Food Poster Illustrations

Pink Food Poster Illustrations

I decided to create these two pink food poster illustrations because I will be teaching another online illustration class with a Taiwanese illustration website called “School of Creative” (創作私庫). This time I’m going to teach a short class about how to turn your beautiful food illustrations into food product packaging. Hopefully by the end of class all my students will be able to bring a “food and drink packaging” portfolio home with them.

My class information in Chinese can be viewed here. if you click the link then you will see the class header I designed and illustrated for my food packaging class. I will start another seven weeks food illustrations class from April 2017 and both classes are taught in Chinese language.

I’ve always had a very high interest in food and drink packaging illustrations. I recently illustrated two food packages which you can find in some supermarkets in the UK. One of these was for Lees Luxury Mini Snowballs and the other one is Lees 24 pack Meringues. I will write a blog post to show my illustration process and development for this project later this year.

I think it’s quite difficult to get food and drink packaging commission projects if you don’t have an illustration agent to represent you. Most companies like to hire illustrators through these agents so I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to work on a project like this. Both the food and drink packaging sectors are really hard to get in for a freelance illustrator. I tried contacting many of the major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s (etc) as well as some popular food magazines including Jamie Magazine, Lucky Peach but without an agent I’ve had no response.

One of my aims a bit later this year when I’ve cleared a lot of the work I have going on right now is to look for an agent. I’m in a pretty fortunate situation where I do have a lot of work right now but more work is always good.

Back to my pink food illustration poster. This time I used slightly different styles to illustrate this poster. I started using different brushes to draw shadow. The brushes I used for shadows came from the Vector Sketch Pencil Brushes set. I love using these pencil brushes as they give my illustrations an interesting texture. I also limited the colours I used in this illustration as well as using a reddish pink for the main colour and I then found other shades of pink and green to go with the main colour.

I’m really happy with how this poster turned out but I ended up keeping two different background colours as I like the look of both. You can now purchase these pink food illustration posters on my Etsy shop:

Pink Food Poster with Pink Background

Pink Food Poster with Brown Background

Both posters got different size option.

pink food poster illustrations
pink food poster illustration framed
pink food poster illustrations
pink food poster illustrations

Below are two different version of the Chinese food illustration class banner I created.

pink chinese illustration class banner
brown illustration class banner
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