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Summer Veggie Tart Recipe Illustration
July 16, 2017
Summer Veggie Tart Recipe Illustration. If you follow my blog or social media then you will know I recently teamed up with five super talented and lovely illustrators to started an art collective called “Pink Punch“. We decided for our first art collective event we want to illustrate a “summer food or drink” recipe illustration and submit these to the famous food and recipe illustration website “They Draw And Cook“.

I love illustrating food and recipes as you know. I’ve illustrated many food and recipe illustrations in the past but due to my busy work and family life I haven’t had time to illustrate any recipes for a really long time. So when my art collective colleagues and I decided to illustrate a recipe each I was over the moon. It gave me a push and the perfect excuse to let myself have a couple days break from all the jobs I have to do and not to feel guilty about doing so.

As you can imagine, when I have a paid job to do, this is always number one “work” priority. Over the last year I have barely done anything personal but of course I don’t want to fall behind with my art collection. I’m going to share a recipe for a Blood Orange Tuna Quinoa Salad recipe illustration in a few days and when I have time again, I’m going to illustrate a Grilled Mackerel Crostini recipe as well.

summer veggie tart recipe illustration
Summer Veggie Tart Recipe Illustration. This recipe was inspired by a recipe from Waitrose Magazine, but naturally I changed quite a lot of ingredients. For example, I added radishes and because I don’t like ricotta cheese I used mascarpone cheese instead. Sorry if you don’t agree, but I’ve always found ricotta cheese to be a bit bland and find eating it is like eating toothpaste. I prefer mascarpone cheese because it has more flavour and I love the creamy taste and texture.

I have a whole radish patch growing in my garden at the moment and the recent weather has been perfect for growing them. One day it’s warm and we have blazing sunshine, the next it rains (very Scottish weather) so my whole lawn has grown in two weeks and the radishes are almost ready to harvest. I love the crispy texture and refreshing taste of radishes, I just love adding these pink beauties to my salads. So when I was thinking this tart recipe, I immediately decided I must add some radish to my recipe!

Nowadays when I design and illustrate recipes, I decided to try something different. I always try to encourage myself to try different approaches and angles with my food and recipe illustrations. So this time I wanted to illustrate step-by-step procedures. I have to say it’s added quite a lot of extra work, especially the two recipes I’ve chosen to illustrate (this and a Blood Orange Quinoa Salad recipe which I’ll be posting here in a few days) but I really like the outcomes of these two recipe illustrations. It’s just so much fun to look at and it makes complicated recipes and procedures look so much easier and fun to follow!

I don’t know about you, but when I open a cookbook I like to see everything is very organised and easy to read. I don’t like reading a cookbook that’s like reading a fiction novel. When I wrote my own cookbooks, I wrote the procedures in the way I will do them in the kitchen. I like to calculate the timing of the procedures. For example, I will always marinade my food first and while the food is marinading I will chop vegetables and/or blanch anything that needs to be blanched. Of course if there are anythings that need to blanched the “boil water” procedure will always be at the top of the list. The idea is when people follow my recipes, the ready can easily and “quickly” enjoy delicious meals in no time!

Back to my food and recipe illustrations, I like my vie to be able to follow my recipe illustrations while making their dishes. I hope my viewers, no matter their level of cooking skill, can have fun in the kitchen with my recipe illustrations. Cooking should be fun and enjoyable and not feel a burden or punishment. At least this is how I like to feel when cooking.

Below is my Summer Veggie Tart Recipe Illustration. I arranged it into two different formats, one of which is more “Pinterest friendly”. I also gave this recipe illustration as my “July Newsletter’ free goody for people who have subscribed to my newsletter. So if you like my recipes and illustrations, please subscribe to my newsletter. I gave away free goodies all the time.

summer veggie tart illustration
I also made a time lapse video to demonstrate my food illustration drawing process!

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