Spring Floral Personalised Initial Letter Illustrations

Spring Floral Personalised Initial Letter Illustrations. I’m still working my way through Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells bootcamp assignment, which I’m absolutely loving, and this is part of our “mini exercise” for April’s assigment (we get a big assignment each month). I was in bit of a “pull my hair out” situation when I saw the mini exercise brief because I’m not very confident with my “hand lettering” skills.

Before I took the Make Art That Sells bootcamp course I’d never done any lettering in my life. My hand writing whether in Chinese or English isn’t particularly beautiful so I was a bit shy about hand lettering but I think when you’re learning you just need to force yourself to do things that you don’t know or things you’ve never tried before. I guess this is how you “grow”.

This Initial Letter Illustrations assignment only requested us to draw our first initial letter and the assignment was inspired by a medieval period’s illuminated letter. So I google search a lot of examples of illuminated letters to try to make sense of it, which was very helpful. My English first name as you’ll know is Liv but my real Chinese name is Tsung-Yun. Why Liv and Tsung-Yun? Well, when people in the Western world try to pronounce my Chinese name it translates literally into “petrol station” so it’s easier to call myself Liv (after my favourite celebrity Liv Tyler). So this is why I initially illustrated L and T first for this assignment. I decided it was too hard to choose one so I just did both.

When I was thinking about the colour palette for this project, I instantly decided I’m going to use a “dark colour” as the background colour so my initial letter will “pop” out. Then after I decided the colour palette for this project I started thinking about “What do I like in my life? What do I enjoy most in my life at the moment?”. Now it’s April and spring time and I’ve moved into a property with front and rear gardens I’m really enjoying gardening right now. I decided to illustrate my initial with beautiful flowers and garden tools from my own garden. This is how I got my inspiration for this series of letter illustrations.

As with everything else I’ve done on the Make Art That Sells courses I’ve really enjoyed this assignment. So much so that I went ahead and created another two letters with more to follow. I also turned them into a personalised custom initial letter wall art service for my Etsy shop, which you can see from the photos below. So if you purchase the order and then message of the name you want to put it on then I will change the illustration for you. For example: You order the print and message me says ” I want C for Chloe” then I will change the white text underneath the beautiful illustrated C letter from “C is for Charlotte” to “C is for Chloe” for you.

I personally think this is a great gift or wall art for anyone and especially for people who loves spring, gardening and flowers! So if you have friends who love flowers, spring, something “shiny” with a personal touch then this “Spring Floral Personalised Initial Letter Illustrations” collection is a perfect gift for them.

Hope you like this Spring Floral Personalised Initial Letter Illustrations collection.

A for Amelia Personalised Initial Letter Illustration
L for Layla Personalised Initial Letter Illustration
C for Charlotte Personalised Initial Letter Illustration
T for Tabitha Personalised Initial Letter Illustration
A Letter Illustration Framed
L Letter Illustration Framed
T Letter Illustration Framed

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