Mothers Day Greeting Cards
Recently I’ve been doing a course with Folio Focus and out latest assignment (third week) is called “So Greeting!”. We have to design a greeting card and in this case a mother’s day card. Before this week started I already decided to illustrate and design at least two cards as I really need to expand my greeting card portfolio. Prior to this course I only had one father’s day card in my portfolio but as you can now see I’ve created three mother’s day cards which is great and makes me feel very happy!

The whole inspiration behind my mother’s day card is to have a cute animal mama and baby. I love seeing cute animal mama’s with their little baby or babies and they are perfect for the mother’s day theme. Who doesn’t love cute animal babies and their pretty mummy’s, right?! My mother always told me to say something nice to people so I think for this special day we need to extra nice to our mothers. So I used the same phrase “For My Beautiful Mama” for my mother’s day card. Every time my daughter says “Mommy, you’re so pretty” my heart just melts so I want to share this joy to all the mothers in the world.

Because I only had 1 week to illustrate these cards, I was only able to illustrate just three cards. For two of them I went with cute animal themes and the other I went for a more traditional floral theme. Floral is always popular in mother’s day cards and illustration.

I’ve always wanted to illustrate swans so my first card is about a swan mummy and her baby. I used to live not too far from a lake which is full of swans and their little signets. Often when I collected my daughter from nursery I would have to walk past the lake so we would often pop over to the lake and feed the swans. They are such beautiful creates! Another animal I really want to illustrate is a llama, so as you can see they are on my second card. I like to use the same colour palette when creating a series of illustrations so when I get round to creating more cards I think the same colour palette will work great with animals like polar bears, ducks, white tigers, anteaters, white monkeys, white cats etc.

If I don’t get to license these cards I think I will print them out and sell in my Etsy and Amazon shops for next Mother’s day! So stay tuned!

mothers day greeting cards
mothers day swan greeting card
mothers day bouquet greeting card
mothers day llama greeting card
mothers day swan card
mothers day llama card
mothers day bouquet card

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