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Information about the products I sell


All of my postcards, with the exception of a couple Christmas cards, are printed on really heavyweight 310-gsm bright white cotton rag paper. This is a really expensive fine art printing paper with a lovely texture and most importantly amazing colour reproduction. Earlier in my product selling career I outsourced my postcards but these didn’t have the quality (weight, texture, colour reproduction) I demanded so I make everything myself.

In the case of die-cut (shaped cut out) cards, these are cut out by myself using a die-cut cutting machine.

Notes about sizes. All of my rectangle cards are A6 in size. Please note there will be slight size discrepancies between postcard series as everything is designed individually. For example Belgium map postcards will dimensionally be slightly different to Edinburgh.

Everything is completely hand made, there’s no factory process anywhere, so please don’t expect everything to be 100% the same size. There may be 1-3mm difference in sizes.



There are two ways I provide prints. Prints bought for delivery in the UK are printed by myself using 260gsm lustre (semi-gloss) photo paper. This is a beautiful weighty paper to use with fantastic colour reproduction.

For prints bought outside of the UK, I have print partners in most regions around the world. They offer a similar paper with also great colour reproduction, but using a print paper ultimately saves a lot of money for you, the consumer. If I send prints from the UK, postage will be expensive, but by using print papers I’m able to offer free shipping on most prints.



These are printed and produced by myself. My jigsaw puzzles are printed on thick card and come with a satin finish. I print these myself using a sublimation printer and then they are heat pressed to product the final product. All jigsaw puzzles are then bagged up and posted in a metal tin. As of 2021 I’m able to print jigsaw puzzles up to 300-pieces (30×42.5cm) in size although from 2022, if demand requires, I hope to print 500-1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.



I produce two different kinds of sticker sheets, one is a regular sticker sheet and the other planner sticker sheets. The regular stick sheets are printed on a glossy sticker paper and I cut these myself. The planner stickers are printed on a heavyweight matte paper which is perfect for writing on. All sticker sheets are 6×9″ in size.


Just when you thought things is not going to be the worsts…this has happened today 😔

@etsy is allowing AI generated content selling on Etsy.

Sellers “sourced” and “handpicked” that part for me sounds like they are allowing people selling goods they found on SHEIN and Temu now.

I know there are even more people are boycotting Etsy now after this announcement. May I just ask you to shop directly from the real handmade creators’ websites or their Etsy shop? We are still here but just buried by tons of AI copyright infringement goods or Temu/shein products 😅.

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Another market finish today but sadly the weather is so awful! Two markets in a row the weather is awful! I think it’s the universe telling I need to focus on something else for a while. 😅 Thank you so much for supporting my small business. You guys are the best!

I have a few new products. Did you spot them?


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Working in new sticker sheet this morning for a lovely lady/customer. I only realize I haven’t make any new sticker sheet for such a long time. 😅 I need a break from my commission work and focus on myself for a while soon.

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July Market Dates Announcement

If you noticed, I’m cutting down trading in the market this year.

There are a few reasons…

1. I’m swamped with my commission projects. I have deadlines to January 2025 and I believe I will pick up more commission projects later this year. I’m really happy about this as there are so many projects I’m working on that I’m extremely excited about. There are so many of my dream clients ticked off from my list. I’m extremely thankful for all my clients’ love, support and trust.
2. I want to spend some time doing something I love. For example, I would like to keep my time to create more maps and collections. This is something I LOVE to do. Of course, I love to trade in the market and meet people but I want to join the markets that suit me and spend more to do what I love.
3. London markets are over-saturated. Yes, if you live in London, you will notice many markets at the moment. Every weekend you can see at least 2,3,4..etc craft fairs and makers’ markets.
4. I also started to notice there are some “makers markets” allowing wholesale sellers or traders to sell copyright infringement goods in their craft fair and makers market. So I have decided to not do those markets anymore. This is a sad situation as we shouldn’t allow things like this in the makers markets or craft fair.

Long story short, here are some updates and I will still try to trade in some markets when I can in the future. The main reason for this change really is I’m too busy and I have too many projects juggling at the moment and I miss my creative freedom. 😀

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I have a plan to create a new “I LOVE Food” collection > “I Love Bentos” postcards and stickers/sticker sheet because I just love seeing those cute bentos 🍱!

As a mum I used to imaging myself to make cute bento for my daughter when she was little but that dream was shutting down by her as she told me “Mum, please don’t do that. I will feel embarrassed.” So my bento mum dream haven’t even started already shut down by her 😆.

It’s ok! I can draw bentos 🍱 for you now. 😉❤️

#bento #bentobox #kawaiiart #kawaiiillustration #cuteillustration #kidlitart #kidlitillustration #foodillustration #foodieart #foodie #LivWan #livwanillustration #livwanpostcards #postcrossing #postcarddesign

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New die-cut postcard collection!
Kawaii food!
I illustrated “I LOVE Japanese food” collection before and when I trade in the market, customers often tell me how much they wish there are cute faces on Raman and Udon noodle. So I listen and create this super cute Japanese food collection. Which one is your favorite?

#japanesefood #kawaiifood #LivWan #livwanillustration #livwanpostcards #illustratedfood #foodillustration #kawaiidrawing #kawaiistyle #kidlitart #kidlit #theydrawandcook #foodillustrator

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Open box video!!
My latest published book has arrived this morning. 🎉🎉

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I created this simple #kawaii pattern for Auzou kawaii journal last year and now you can order this super cute journal on Amazon! Yay!

I hope we will get some bubble tea weather soon. Recently the weather in UK has been so awful and very cold 😆 (yes, in June!). I hope we can have some warmer days soon.

By the way, I have to deleted my post yesterday because I completely forgot to watermarked it. This is how long I haven’t post new work on social media😅. I will post it again soon. Sorry about this. 😅

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