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Before becoming an illustrator I worked as a chef for many years. I worked in a number of high end restaurants (not Chinese before you ask!) in Birmingham and then Edinburgh but after having a child and starting college I went part time and then decided “enough is enough” and dedicated myself to illustrating entirely.

However even though I’m no longer a chef I now love cooking even more than ever (probably because I don’t have that kitchen pressure) and so I thought I’d have a go at illustrating a couple of my favourite recipes. I then discovered the fabulous “They Draw and Cook” website where you can submit your recipes and get feedback. They are also running a competition where if you submit enough recipes within a certain timescale then you can potentially get a publishing deal so I get to illustrate something I love anyway and it gives me motivation to keep working even when I don’t have any paid projects going on.

Below are a number of recipes and there’s no real order but I’ll explain a little about each and there’s more information below.

deep fried prawn balls with almond flakes

As well as running this website I also have my own food blog which sadly I have little time to maintain nowadays but does have real photos of some of these recipes. This recipe for deep fried prawn balls with almond flakes is just one example.

apple vinegar pickled lotus root recipe illustration

My mother has set up her own catering business back in Taiwan and one of the first things she made for her business was a quiche. We don’t really eat quiche at home but I have made it before and this is one of my favourite recipes.

elderflower panna cotta with summer berries recipe illustration

Some questions and answers?

Can I buy recipe card(s)?

Absolutely, you will eventually be able to buy recipe cards through this website but for now you can buy recipe cards through my shop on Etsy. Link here:

What sizes are the cards?
What are the cards printed on?

The cards are printed through an Epson professional photo printer onto 300gsm paper so it’s nice and thick. The prints can be laminated.

Can you make me a new recipe?

Sure, why not. My background is naturally Eastern (Chinese/Taiwanese) food but my training is western cooking and really specifically Scottish and European food. I do however for new recipes make everything for real at home to make sure the recipe is delicious before creating a recipe card.

Do you offer discounts for multiple cards?

Yes. If you buy five cards subsequent cards are discounted.

goat cheese mousse sandwich recipe
five fruit harvest roast pork belly illustration
heirloom tomato caprese garlic bread recipe illustration
honey pickled cherry tomatos illustration
lavender and strawberry shortcakes recipe illustration
stewed pear recipe illustration
watercress soup with pancetta and boiled eggs recipe illustration

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