Stranger Things Illustrated Map

Stranger Things Map Illustration. I’m a big fan of the Netflix TV show “Stranger Things”. I reckon I’ve watched both season 1 and season 2 of Stranger things at least 6 times each. I love this show! I just love the whole 80s horror theme and I think the story is so well written and all the actors and actresses are brilliant. I even watched the behind the scenes show twice. I just love this TV show so much I did something I’ve never done before, I created this fan art map for my favourite TV show; Stranger Things.

This is the first time i have created “fan art” I combined two of my favourite things, map illustrations and Stranger Things and created this fun Stranger Things map of Hawkins.

I used a Stranger Things game map to be part of my reference and another reference I used is from a blog called “The Chessboard Factory“. The admin of this blog, Jan, was kind enough to let me use her map as a reference for creating my own map. I only followed both maps loosely and didn’t necessarily stick with the location for each building as per their maps. I didn’t want the elements of my Stranger Things map to compromise the location on the map. It’s just a fictional, fun, Stranger Things map, so I thought it would be ok. At the end of the day, Hawkins is just a fictional town.

For the colour choices I used a lot of earth and mid tones to create this map and tried to stick with the actual building colours. This is quite new to me as well, because I rarely use these colour combinations for my other works. But it’s always refreshing and fun to challenge myself.

This map illustration is already on my Etsy shop and if you have an interested in purchasing a print of this Stranger Things map, pleas go to my Etsy Shop. It’s also available on my Amazon Shop. But my Amazon shop is UK only. So if you’re based outside of UK then please go to my shop page on my website or my Etsy shop.

I also ordered some postcards of the Stranger Things map but they will take 1-2 weeks to arrive as I use a Taiwanese print to make my postcards. The quality of their printer is really great so they’re worth the small waiting time.

I’m thinking about my next map location. I would really like to create maps for South Korea, Thailand (my favourite country), Germany (lots of followers from there) and Australia (awesome looking country). Which country’s map do you think I should create first? If you have any map illustration requests please let me know.

If you would like to see any other TV shows or movie map illustrations please let me know. I always love hearing everyone’s thoughts.

stranger things map
stranger things map framed
stranger things map
stranger things map
stranger things map