Welcome to Liv Wan Illustration. I’m an freelance food and children’s illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For many years I worked as a fine dining chef but sick of the rubbish pay and even worse working hours I had a revelation and decided to pursue my real personal passion which is illustrating.

My illustrative work draws from my childhood memories, everyday observations, my travels around the world and naturally being a former chef, food. I have a four year old daughter that influences me a lot and my husband is a professional photographer who offer lots of opinions. I work almost entirely digitally and my style is bold, colourful and often humorous. Working digitally allows me to work a lot quicker but also allows me to express my full creativity.

To date I have had two books published. The first was a cookbook about Home Style Taiwanese Cooking, based on memories of foods I ate during my childhood in Taiwan, while my second book was an Illustrated Cookbook called the Illustrative Chef.

I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have worked with a number of agencies and business. Large projects I have worked on include the Foodies Festial, an advertising campaign for the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Highland Council Carbon Clever project and I’ve also been involved with the making of a couple interactive exhibition applications (games basically).

I always like to hear about new projects and I’m available for all kinds of commissions. Please get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

Represented by KJA ARTISTS


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