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Bostock Bakery Edinburgh Illustrated Food Guide
March 21, 2016
Bostock Bakery Edinburgh Illustrated Food Guide. I decided recently to start a new self-initiated project which is to create an illustrated restaurant guide of Edinburgh. This illustrated restaurant guide of Edinburgh (well, EH postcodes) will contain some of my favourite restaurants, bakeries and cafes. Food apart from my family is the biggest thing in my life. I was a chef, I love drawing and illustrating food and so I have decided to use this project to share with everyone my passion for food and introduce some of my favourite foods in my area.

If you know of any restaurants, cafes, bakeries or any places that serve delicious food please contact me and let me know. I plan to make a booklet or zine after I have illustrated a few more places and to sell i on my website shop (under construction) or my Etsy shop (also under construction). So stay tuned!

Bostock Bakery in North Berwick is one of my favourite bakeries in the EH postcode. The other bakery I love in Edinburgh is the Sicilian Pastry shop in Leith. Sicilian Pastry shop is literally a cake/pastry shop while Bostock is more of a baker but they’re both great. Before I discovered Bostock Bakery and the Sicilian Pastry shop i always felt sad and disappointed by the bread and bakeries in then UK. In my home country we almost always buy our bread from proper bakeries and bread is very different as well. Whereas in the UK you buy literally a loaf of bread, the bakeries in Taiwan use bread in a wider sense. Bread can be almost any incantation of something that contains bread, so it can include sausages, sweets, etc. Taiwan is also a country that almost always has a world champion baker and every street in Taipei has at least 1 or 2 bakeries. So I felt shocked when I discovered that most people in the UK only buy bread and pastries from supermarkets. I always imagined before I moved to the UK that it would have the most amazing bakeries but sadly there aren’t many.

Bostock Bakery illustrated food guide

So when Chris and I discovered Bostock Bakery literally by walking past it on a day out at the beach, I nearly cried. Ross Baxter who runs the shop I believe worked as a pastry chef and his bread is really amazing. It was so nice to find a baker that offers so many different kinds of breads and pastries. Every single bread and pastry is a work of art and you can feel Ross Baxter has put a lot of thought and energy into his creations. Every time we have visited we have been amazed at the quality of his products and you feel a real warmth and love from the bread and pastry.

I’ve created this illustration as a tribute to Bostock Bakery and hopefully my illustration will do justfice for how good their breads and pastries are. We’ve been there a few times, usually gobbling up their food before we’ve even made it back home, but this was the first time I bought any of their food to use as a reference. Unfortunately on the day we visited we only managed to buy a pecan and caramel pastry, lemon doughnut, hazelnut doughnut, vanilla doughnut and two different kinds of sausage rolls.

Incidentally you should if you’re in the Edinburgh/Midlothian area go check out North Berwick. Depending on where you live in Edinburgh it’s about a 20 minute drive from the outskirts of Edinburgh and has a really lovely beach which is great in the summer. They also have the fabulous Lobster Shack where I usually have half a lobster in a box with garlic chips and beer. They also have the best customer service ever (very friendly and very funny).

Food illustration sketches development by UK based illustrator Liv Wan

Below are the pastry illustrations I illustrated for this illustrated restaurant guide for Bostock Bakery. i love illustrating all kinds of pastries and doughnuts but I didn’t buy too many things as this project has the potential to make me really fat. I’m a great believer in cook or eat what you draw or photograph and inevitably drawing a project like this makes me very hungry for pastries. For my next project I should probably work on something sport or diet related to help me lose weight.

I hope you like my illustrations and hope you can visit Bostock Bakery if you’re in the EH postcode area. The food is truly brilliant. North Berwick is also checking out for the previously mentioned lobster shack, the beach and they also do a sea boat trip where you can check out birds and other wildlife around North Berwick and Bass Rock. I love popping over there in the summer and eating a delicious lobster with chips, drinking an icy cold beer and munching on a pastry or two.
Pastry bakery dessert illustrations

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