featured on behance

It was my birthday on Sunday and the morning right after my birthday I checked my emails as usual and discovered I had received an email from Illustration Served curatorial team. Illustration Served is a website that features top work in the editorial illustration category. The Served curation team chooses projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries, among a host of other top-secret but not-that-difficult-to-guess selection criteria. All the content they choose is from “Behance” the world’s leading platform for the creative professionals across all industries.

Come back to talk about that email now. They emailed me to congratulate me on choosing my “Video Camera Illustrations” as one of their featured content and it will appear on the homepage of Illustration Served. The one image in this blogpost is a screenshot of my illustration on their website.

I haven’t blogged my video camera illustrations yet as this series of video camera illustrations was created for an advertising company “The Gate” for their Edinburgh office new client meeting room. I created six illustrations and in the end they chose three of them to decorate their meeting room and my illustrations will be hang on the wall in A1 size to decorated their board room. Next week I’ll blog about the video camera illustrations and explain what happened with them.

It was a great honour can be featured on a Behance website and seeing this after a particularly lousy birthday really cheered me up.

If you have interest to see my video camera illustration or have a look at what I have put on Behance, here is the link for my Behance page:  http://www.behance.net/livwanillustration