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Fettes College House Brochure Illustrations
February 28, 2018
Fettes College Iona House Brochure Illustrations. If you haven’t been to Edinburgh, or Scotland for that matter, you probably haven’t heard of Fettes College. Fettes College is one of the poshest private schools in Edinburgh, has a notable alumni and looks so amazing that JK Rowling used Fettes College as an inspiration for Hogwarts School in Harry Potter. Edinburgh has it’s fair share of beautiful architecture but Fettes College is one of those buildings that the first time you see it you say to yourself “f* me that’s beautiful!”.

This is the first time I have created illustrations or Fettes Cellege but not the first I worked with the graphic designer Ken. Ken commissioned me for the first ever illustration project of my career so I was really thrilled to work with him again as the previous experience of working with him was really great. Some graphic designers can be quite difficult, if not obnoxious, to work with but Ken is polite, professional and took really good care of a newbie like me. I remember for my first ever project I had absolutely no club what to charge for the work but Ken even suggested I raise my price. How nice is that?!

Back to the project, I was asked to create some spot illustrations for Fettes College Iona house booklet. This booklet is for girls age 7-13 who are going to stay at Iona House during the summer. They gave me a list of illustrations to create and the hope was the booklet will make all the girls and their families feel happy and welcome.

I always love creating happy and joyous illustrations so this kind of project is my cup of tea! We decided to complete the booklet cover first as the cover always sets the tone for the whole project. For my first draft I went with a Scottish folk stories thee but it was decided this was a bit too young so then I changed direction to a woodland animal theme which the client was decided was more suitable.

For the colour, I went with a very feminine and young combination as this booklet is for girls ages 7-13. So I chose a lot of cutesy colour like different shades of pink, purple, etc. I also used a lot of floral designs for this project so this booklet looks very girly. This was another really fun project for me and I hope you will like it!

fettes college iona house brochure illustration
patterned bunting illustration
be kind illustration
conversation bubbles illustration
invitation illustration
teddy bear and pillow illustration
birthday cake illustration
cushions illustration
nightstand illustration
wellington boots illustration
clock and plant illustration
flower decoration illustration
t-shirt illustration
decoration illustration
decoration illustration

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