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Highland Council Carbon Clever Illustrations

Earlier this month, I got an email from an Edinburgh based agency called “The Gate Worldwide”. If you follow my blog you will know that I was asked to provide three illustrations for their client viewing room before. This time a different art director decided to commission me to work on their new project which is a campaign for the Highland Council called “Highland Council Carbon Clever”.

I was over the moon to be commissioned once again by the Gate Worldwide as they are one of my favourite clients and both times I have done any work for them I’ve had really great experiences. Also I have always wanted to illustrate transportation, such as trains, buses, cars, etc, but I always got tied up with other projects so it’s hard for me just to sit down to work on illustrations that are just for myself.

Another reason I was really excited about this project was because I was able to use the style I want. My illustration style has changed over the last couple years. When I started becoming serious about becoming an illustrator I would hand draw outlines then colour within photoshop but as my skills have improved, at least from a digital point of view, I’ve now got to the stage where most of my work is done in Adobe Illustrator. This doesn’t mean all of my work is done in illustrator but that’s how I like to work right now and it’s what I’m hired to do. So you can imagine how happy I was to receive a job asking me to work in my style. Great!

For this project I created a total of seven illustrations. For of these illustrations are based on the theme of people using public transport and cycling or walking to work. Another three illustrations are about the benefits of using these methods of travelling. For example, walking and cycling will benefit your fitness levels, save you potentially lots of money and you can do lots of shopping after a short while (you will need a whole new wardrobe after all these exercises anyway). And who knows, you might even meet your future other half on the way to work.


Cycling To Work

Sharing A Lift To Work

Taking A Bus To Work

Taking a train to work

Before And After Walking To Work

Meeting Your True Love On The Way To Work


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