Jigsaw Puzzles
August 02, 2020

Ever since I started working as an illustrator I’ve wanted to create my own products. Now we’re still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic I’m selling more products than ever and recently I decided it was time to take the next step with my product making business.

So, I decided to invest in extra printers, hot presses and loads of new equipment(s) and I’m now able to produce lots of products myself. Previously I’ve used different companies to produce my products, for example jigsaw puzzles from both the UK and Taiwan, mugs from somewhere else and other products elsewhere. Quality has generally been really good but because I didn’t have full control of the printing process, there were some things I wasn’t entirely happy with.

Now I have more equipment I’m hand producing everything and my first range of home made products is jigsaw puzzles. To date I’ve created nearly 20 illustrated maps of different countries; countries I’ve either been to or want to go to, and many are now available for sale on this website.

Right now I’m super busy with several projects but I’m planning on redoing a couple of my old jigsaw puzzles and I was also in the process of creating maps for Ireland and Brazil. If there are any countries you would like to produce, make sure you leave a comment at the bottom of this page. These jigsaw puzzles are 28x40cm in size and have 384 pieces. As part of the hand made theme these puzzles have a quirky shape to them.

All puzzles are supplied in small tin boxes.

Below are lots of photos and links for each products.

argentina map jigsaw puzzle

Argentina available here

france map jigsaw puzzle

France available here

germany map jigsaw puzzle

Germany available here

south korea map jigsaw puzzle

South Korea available here

thailand map jigsaw puzzle

Thailand available here

UK map jigsaw puzzle

UK available here

taiwan street food map jigsaw puzzle

Taiwan Street Food available here

canada map jigsaw puzzle

Canada available here

australia map jigsaw puzzle

Australia available here

edinburgh map jigsaw puzzle

Edinburgh available here

mexico map jigsaw puzzle

Mexico available here

spain map jigsaw puzzle

Spain available here

usa map jigsaw puzzle

USA available here

stranger things map jigsaw puzzle

Stranger Things Hawkins available here

france map jigsaw puzzle
germany map jigsaw puzzle
jigsaw puzzle tins
jigsaw puzzle tins

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