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Happy Easter

My second collection for 2021 is a Happy Easter themed range of products. As of the time of writing this, it’s snowing like crazy and I’m frankly missing the Easter. I’m from a tropical country and I really don’t do the cold, so I’ve been thinking about warmer weather and I do love the spring. I love the change in temperature, everything starts to turn green, the flowers, and of course I really love Easter with things like Easter bunnies and eggs.

So far for this collection I’ve created three postcards, one planner sticker sheet and a glossy sticker sheet. The three postcards have been cut out into really unique shapes using a professional cutter I invested in just before Christmas. The cards are printed out onto a fine art cotton rag paper which, while more expensive, looks and feels awesome, and most importantly, writes beautifully.

Each of the images below can be clicked on to take you to the relevant product page and I’ve also added a list of products at the bottom of this page.

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