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I Love Italian Food

Now I have to admit, I really love a good breakfast. I was born in Taiwan and lived there until my mid-twenties. Taiwan has some of the most incredible breakfasts ranging from buns to soups and about a million things I love, and breakfast is a very social thing in Taiwan, so I Love Breakfast.

I moved to the UK in 2007 and of course breakfast completely different. Gone were the buns etc but in came the fry ups and again a hundred other things which I’ve come to love. I also now have a daughter who has just turned nine (as of March 2021), she’s insanely tall for her age and she’s a competitive tennis player, so she really needs a good breakfast. One of my biggest challenges is finding different kinds of breakfasts that she will eat but also that I like, so I tend to go towards more healthy options for myself, but for her, lots of pancakes, sausages, toast, etc.

With this in mind, and one of my illustration loves is illustrating food, I created a I Love Breakfast series of food illustrations. I made a single A6 size regular shaped postcard but also a series of cut out postcards, a sticker sheet and a planner sticker sheet. I’m in the process of making a breakfast tumbler and possibly an enamel mug so once these are done I will update this project. I also possibly might make another couple breakfasts toasts (you’ll see what I mean below).

If you would like to see each product listing, just click on the photos below. The whole collection can be viewed here. At the bottom of this project is also a list of web links for buying these products. You can also buy these products through my Etsy shop, The Illustrated Kitchen, if you wish to (but just remember, it’s cheaper here!). Hope you like!

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