Jigsaw Puzzles

One of my absolute favourite things is making products from my illustrations. I’ve made and sold literally hundreds of prints and postcards and I’ve made the occasional mug and plate. As of mid 2020 I’ve invested in a lot of printing equipment and I’m now in the process of hand printing my own jigsaw puzzles and mugs. As soon as I have time I’ll start printing onto tote bags and other products but I’m super excited to be able to share jigsaw puzzles here that I’ve made myself.

My jigsaw puzzles are 28x40cm in size and have 384 pieces. All of these jigsaw puzzles are able to buy on this website through this link.

argentina map jigsaw puzzle
france jigsaw puzzle
germany jigsaw puzzle
south korea jigsaw puzzle
thailand jigsaw puzzle
taiwan street food map
uk map jigsaw puzzle
canada map jigsaw puzzle
australia map jigsaw puzzle
edinburgh map jigsaw puzzle
mexico map jigsaw puzzle
spain map jigsaw puzzle
usa map jigsaw puzzle
stranger things hawkins map jigsaw puzzle

Other Projects

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Valentines Day

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Throughout 2018 and 2019 I have been working with a New Jersey-based toy company on many exciting projects. All of the toys and craft products I created for them are available to buy as of now. You can purchase all of these amazing toys from over 200 toy shops all...

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Halloween is one of my favourite topics to draw but sadly I’m always too busy to have my own time to create anything for Halloween but recently I was commissioned by a US based greeting card company to create three Halloween card designs and here is the result. I’ve...

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