Planner Stickers

Most people need some way of keeping themselves organised. Some people do this digitally, others like writing things down, I really like planner stickers. At anytime I can have multiple projects going on so for me I find planner stickers on a calendar works really well. I can place various styles of stickers for different purposes and having a physical sticker in place means I can always see it and see what I need to do.

Now of course you can buy absolutely tonnes of planner stickers, but I have the means to make everything myself in my home and these are some of my designs. You can see ore designs on my shop here

Sweet Cactus Planner Stickers
Sidebar Checklist Planner Stickers
Bill Due Planner Stickers
Appointment Planner Stickers
Birthday Present Planner Stickers
Hydrate Planner Stickers
medicine tracker planner stickers
Medicine Tracker Planner Stickers

Other Projects

I Love Breakfast

Now I have to admit, I really love a good breakfast. I was born in Taiwan and lived there until my mid-twenties. Taiwan has some of the most incredible breakfasts ranging from buns to soups and about a million things I love, and breakfast is a very social thing in...

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Plant Lovers

Plant Lovers

My third collection for 2021 is something I really miss doing, gardening. This winter here in Scotland has been really cold and right now we're going through Storm Darcy (lots of snow) so I'm really missing gardening. Carrying on with the Easter Lovers and Bees and...

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

My second collection for 2021 is a Happy Easter themed range of products. As of the time of writing this, it's snowing like crazy and I'm frankly missing the Easter. I'm from a tropical country and I really don't do the cold, so I've been thinking about warmer weather...

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