The Tell Tale Heart Book Cover Design Illustration

The Tell Tale Heart” book is one of my favourites from Edgar Allan Poe. If you know one or two things about me then you know I’m a big fan of horror, creepy and scary films, novel and stories. This contrasts greatly with my illustration work which is happy, colourful, cute and fun. I think besides creating these happy and colourful art works I need something to keep me in balance and I also think these scary and horrifying stories keep me excited. I guess that’s the biggest reason as to why I love these dark scary horrors.

The Tell Tale Heart” story is about a man (his name never been mentioned in the book) who is a bit crazy and delusional. He is seriously disturbed by the old man who lives with him, especially the old man’s eyes and eventually something terribly wrong happens between the crazy man and the old man… I can’t tell you too much about the story just incase anyone still wants to read the story.

So I initially took the title “The Tell Tale heart” as my main inspiration. Because I love drawing human organs. I think all the organs, no matter human or animal’s are all beautiful. I have never see human organs in person. But I have see plenty of animal organs in person and even hold some of them in my hand before as I was a professional chef for many years and butchery is a must skill even thought I still have lots space to improve myself in butchery. So I have seen a lot of hearts, lungs, brains and stomaches…of animals in my life. When you see an “organ” as an object. You will feel very different about them.

My favourite organ to draw is definitely the “heart” because it has many different veins, muscles etc. I also love the shape of it. So I used Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart” as one of my book cover project story to allow me to draw something dark, creepy and different compared to what I do most of time. So I can explore the other side of me and present something different in my portfolio. I also can use my human organ drawing in my portfolio.

If you want to give this story a go, I recommend you purchase it from Penguin Books. They have this “Little Black Classics” series books. It’s not expensive, very light weight and it’s pocket size so you can bring the book anyway you want. I often read book on the bus so this “Little Black Classics” is wonderful for me! “The Tell Tale Heart” is one of the stories.

Anyway, I hope you like my book cover illustration and design and hopefully one day some one can commission me to do a book cover for them. I will be really happy about that.

Tell Tale Heart Book Cover Design Illustration
Tell Tale Heart Book Cover Design Illustration

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