Earthy Edinburgh Illustrated Restaurant Guide

Earthy Restaurant Edinburgh is one of my favourite restaurants! My husband and I are a bit funny about the idea of “organic” and “health” foods but we’d been past Earthy literally dozens if not hundreds of times and saw that they were always really busy. The thing that finally got us to go to Earthy Restaurant in Canonmills was when I was looking around on Instagram and saw  “Foodinburgh” had posted a photo of a breakfast which looked absolutely amazing so Chris and I went.

The breakfast was amazing and I have to say it’s one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever head. All of the ingredients were delicious and I love how they made their own tomato sauce for the breakfast. You take a bite and you can instantly tell the difference with the ingredients. I don’t normally like breakfast (baked beans) as they tend to either be too watery or too sweet, but their equivalent was simply divine. I loved their baked eggs, tomato sauce, beans, sausages and bacon. They also used butter beans instead of regular baked beans which were delicious. I also loved their presentation. The food came in a big very well worn pan which I loved.

So when I started by “Illustrated Restaurant Guide” project I decided Earthy had to be one of the restaurants I illustrated. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to eat every single dish on a menu but I’ve visited there a couple times and tried a few different dishes. One great thing about Earthy restaurant is they actually change their menu quite often. I think they change their menu seasonally for the best ingredients available at that time but I think this is great. Keeps everything fresh and exciting.

I only wish I can raise funds to complete my “illustrated restaurant guide” project so I can illustrate more restaurant’s food in the future but I’m now getting work as a result of doing this project. I created an illustrated guide for the best bakery in the area, Bostock Bakery in North Berwick, and this got selected by the website “They Draw and Travel” to be included in their new book “They Draw and Travel – 96 Illustrated Maps of the UK, Ireland and Iceland“! But If you’re looking for illustrator to illustrate map or food for your business. Please feel free to contact me!

I’ve also included a photo of my breakfast at the bottom of this post so you can see how good the food is.

Earthy Restaurant Edinburgh Illustration
organic food poster illustration
organic food poster illustration

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