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I love going to restaurants just as much as the next person. Living in Edinburgh we have an awfully large amount of really great restaurants with cuisine ranging from Scottish to French to African to Persian to Chinese and pretty much anything else you can think of. While I have visited many restaurants there are far too many and it would cost way too much money to visit everyone so for this ongoing project I’ll be steadily adding new restaurants to this page (for this project I’ll only draw what myself and my family have eaten).

Once I’m done with this project I’m planning on producing either a booklet or a zine but so far this.


Bread Meats Bread Restaurant Illustration
Bostock Bakery Illustration
earthy restaurant edinburgh illustrated guide
Restaurants either illustrated already or that I’m planning to illustrate in the very near future include…

Bostock Bakery
Bread Meats Bread
Earthy Restaurant
Ong Gie
Kebab Mahal
Muscle Inn
Sicilian Pastry Shop

I’ll change each of the above restaurant to a hyperlink once complete but hope you like this series of illustrations.

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