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Home Decor Design Illustrations

This Home Decor Design Illustrations collection of home decor designs is one of my 2018 MATS Bootcamp assignments. The brief was to use all kinds of sewing tools (or anything related to sewing) to design a tray.

One of my biggest inspirations for this collection is a white hen pin cushion I found on Pinterest. I loved all the beautiful vintage buttons and cotton reels and I also love beautiful vintage sewing machines. I don’t know about you but I find so many things from the past are more beautiful than their modern counterparts, what do you think? I just feel people cared more about design in the past and wish this was still the case.

So I used the white hen pin cushion drawing as the main image to design a utensil holder and I also drew a duck pin cushion as the main image for a pen holder. I tried to make them look like a “collection”.

Because I use “farm birds” as my main inspiration so I draw a turkey pin cushion on the tray. I just really wish I can sew so I can make these three pincushions as they are so adorable!

I always love pom pom trim cushions and really hope I can have one. So I use my favourite sewing machine illustration as the main picture of a pom pom cushion. Again, I really wish I could sew so I can make this product come true as well or maybe some one who want to produce my design. Please contact with me.

The Home Decor Design Illustrations brief as mentioned above only asked us to design a serving tray but I always ask myself to do more when I’m learning or studying. I never think I’m a talented person, at least compare with my classmates when I studied in the university or college. I can’t draw like them. I always felt like a “walk of shame” when we had to do realistic drawings as a lot of my classmates could do photo realistic drawings. As a result of this the teacher’s loved their work and people were always “ooh, wow, woo” around them, so I made myself work harder.

If a brief says design one tray or one book cover, I will design or illustrate two or three even six different trays or things related to it. I just think if I created 100 pieces of works then one must get noticed. That’s the thought behind my creative drive and what pushes me to walk those extra miles.

I hope you like my Home Decor Design Illustrations collection. Please let me know how do you think! I’m always want to have some feedback from anyone. Please stay tuned for my next blog!

made with love serving tray illustration
home decor design illustrations
daisy pen holder illustration
Missy Cluck Utensil Holder illustration
sewing machine pom pom illustration

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