Ocean Child Pattern Design

This “Ocean Child Patterns and Pyjama Design” is my first assignment for Folio Focus Summer Reboot course. This is first time I’ve taken this class. I’ve wanted to take this class for a long time but before my daughter went to school it was impossible as I was always busy with work an studying and I was also spending £1000 a month on nursery fees.

But this year our financial outgoings have done down dramatically and as a result we decided to send Amelia to roughly 14 days summer camp this summer. Every summer holiday I’m always quieter with work (I’ve still had work but nothing as crazy as the spring) so I’ve been preparing my portfolio, reworking this website and I also started this intensive course and so far I’ve loved it!

Recently I’ve started creating more patterns, which are something I really love creating. The first assignment we got was to create a refreshing ocean/nautical pattern. In this assignment we could target either the children’s market or make a notebook or journal cover. I’ve never target the children’s clothes market before so I used this assignment to design a pattern that’s suitable for children’s pyjamas.

I wanted my nautical pattern to look fun and cute. I remember before when I studied the other children’s book course from Make Art That Sells, they asked us to give our main characters clothes and accessories to make them look more fun. This would make viewers feel more “related” to the characters, so I used the same strategy.

I gave my sea creatures hats, tops, skirts etc, to wear. It was so much fun drawing these sea creatures with little clothes on or even moustaches. I have a thing for round, chubby animals, and naturally my favourite sea creatures to illustrate fit this match. So I chose a whale, octopus, jelly fishes and other sea creatures. When we talk about sea creatures I also can’t help to illustrate prawns and crabs and this is the first time I’ve illustrated a sea hose. I think sea horses have a really funny body shape so I spent a little longer to draw it right.

I hope one day I can see this pattern on any products. That would be a dream come true for me!

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