Lady Rococo Tin Boxes Design

Lady Rococo tin design. If you join Lilla Roger’s MATS A or B course you will get a free brief once a year for a live review opportunity with Lilla Rogers. I didn’t join in last year as I wasn’t very interested in the brief for wall art last year. But this year the brief for MATS A course was to design a tin or collection of tins!

I’ve always loved tin boxes and tin tubes, these kind of things. Every time I go to Marks & Spencer, if I can I will buy a tin of cookies or shortbread as I really love their beautifully designed tins. They are one of my dream customers to work with as well so it will always be very good to do some “research” of their products. Of course sampling their food is also very important, this is how I tell myself to feel less guilty after chomping down all their tasty cookies and shortbread.

For this project, I used “rococo” fashion as my main inspiration. I like the complexity and the glory of the rococo style and Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite historical fashion icons. So this was my main inspiration for creating this series of tins. I had a similar tin with a handle when I was a child and I remember my family’s friend brought a box of fancy cookies for me from Japan was a tin package that I really liked. I didn’t get much as a child so I really loved this tin box so much. I put all my favourite pictures and little toys in that box and carried them everywhere. I think that was the start of my obsession with tin boxes!

I think my tin box collection looks a little bit too young for the target audience for this brief. I think they will be more suitable for young or teen-age girls. What can I say? I’m a grown woman in her mid 30s and I still love cute and happy things and pink is my favourite colour.

I hope one day I can make these tins into real products and sell in my own online shop. Which tin is your favourite?

lady rococo tin box design