Pink Food Poster Illustrations

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I decided to create these two pink food poster illustrations because I will be teaching another online illustration class with a Taiwanese illustration website called “School of Creative” (創作私庫). This time I’m going to teach a short class about how to turn your beautiful food illustrations into food product packaging. Hopefully by the end of class all my students will be able to bring a “food and drink packaging” portfolio home with them.

My class information in Chinese can be viewed here. if you click the link then you will see the class header I designed and illustrated for my food packaging class. I will start another seven weeks food illustrations class from April 2017 and both classes are taught in Chinese language.

I’ve always had a very high interest in food and drink packaging illustrations. I recently illustrated two food packages which you can find in some supermarkets in the UK. One of these was for Lees Luxury Mini Snowballs and the other one is Lees 24 pack Meringues. I will write a blog post to show my illustration process and development for this project later this year.

I think it’s quite difficult to get food and drink packaging commission projects if you don’t have an illustration agent to represent you. Most companies like to hire illustrators through these agents so I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to work on a project like this. Both the food and drink packaging sectors are really hard to get in for a freelance illustrator. I tried contacting many of the major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s (etc) as well as some popular food magazines including Jamie Magazine, Lucky Peach but without an agent I’ve had no response.

One of my aims a bit later this year when I’ve cleared a lot of the work I have going on right now is to look for an agent. I’m in a pretty fortunate situation where I do have a lot of work right now but more work is always good.

Back to my pink food illustration poster. This time I used slightly different styles to illustrate this poster. I started using different brushes to draw shadow. The brushes I used for shadows came from the Vector Sketch Pencil Brushes set. I love using these pencil brushes as they give my illustrations an interesting texture. I also limited the colours I used in this illustration as well as using a reddish pink for the main colour and I then found other shades of pink and green to go with the main colour.

I’m really happy with how this poster turned out but I ended up keeping two different background colours as I like the look of both. You can now purchase these pink food illustration posters on my Etsy shop:

Pink Food Poster with Pink Background

Pink Food Poster with Brown Background

Both posters got different size option.

pink food poster illustrations
pink food poster illustration framed
pink food poster illustrations
pink food poster illustrations

Below are two different version of the Chinese food illustration class banner I created.

pink chinese illustration class banner
brown illustration class banner

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