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five brave things editorial illustration


I started out as an advertising illustrator but I’m trying to focus on more editorial work. Here are some editorial pieces I have created in the last year.

bread meats bread childrens menu illustration

Bread Meats Bread

Through interesting circumstances I was asked if I could create items for a children’s menu for the super popular Bread Meats Bread (best burger restaurant in Scotland).

Naturally I had to go there and eat some food (I love their luther burger and their poutine’s) but they were really happy with everything I produced and the final menu looks awesome.

buddha bowl magazine

Buddha Bowl

A local magazine asked me to create an illustration of something called a Buddha Bowl. A buddha bowl, sometimes called a hippy bowl, is a vegetarian health dish.

edinburgh zoo private garden editorial

Edinburgh Zoo

When I was studying illustration one of the projects we were set involved us making a book about the man who lives in the zoo (literally).

There’s a gentleman who lives in the zoo and is there to look after the animals night and day. Very cool but apparently it’s interesting ordering takeaway as most restaurants think “he’s joking” asking for food be sent there.

Anyway, Edinburgh Zoo has a private garden that serves many purposes and I was asked to create some illustrations for it. This is the result.

brave mind map editorial illustration

Brave Mind Map

Once or twice a year I partake in a Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course. You get multiple briefs and these are great as they often make you think outside the box.

On one of their courses we had to create a mind map about “My Five Brave Things”, things that I think are really brave about me.

babs glasgow childrens menu


Babs is Bread Meats Bread’s sister kebab restaurant. They specialise in restaurant style kebabs and just like BMB the food is absolutely awesome. Creative, good looking and absolutely delicious.

Following the success of the Bread Meats Bread childrens menu they asked me to illustrate more items for their Babs menu.

joy magazine russia editorial
the geographer scotland map illustration

Magazine Spreads

Some illustrations that have been featured in magazines or printed into magazines.

cycling amsterdam editorial layout
editorial magazine layout
cycling amsterdam illustration
sylvia pankhurst editorial illustration layout

Other Projects

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an essential part of my culture and something I have celebrated for as long as I can remember. Traditionally for Chinese New Year, or Lunar New year, depending on what you want to call it, we celebrate by eating lots of delicious foods including...

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