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Food Illustrations
Achiote Chickpeas illustration

Before I became an illustrator I spent my professional life working as a chef. When i was in my teens I had no chance of doing anything arty and the best option at the time was to train as a chef but after working in many different restaurants I just had enough of the trade. So coming from a culinary background, for myself at least, I fell into illustrating food completely naturally, which I completely love.

I’ve created illustrations for my food blog; Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey, magazines, maps and various clients but I really do love illustrating food. Below are a few examples.

This page features a small collection of the many mouth watering food illustrations I have created and as of 2022 I’m now selling recipe cards featuring my food illustrations, which you can find here. I have also created literally dozens of shaped food postcards which you can find in my shop.

Ice Cream

zesty best pattern
zesty best towels
zesty best pattern
zesty best pattern
ice cream babalu pattern
ice lolly pattern illustration
ice cream umbrella
ice lolly umbrella
hobby kitchen pattern

Hobby Kitchen

hobby kitchen bedding
hobby kitchen pattern
peach mojito illustration
pink food poster
russian mules illustration
dark pink food poster
Achiote Chickpeas food illustration
pastor food illustration
sweet potato gratin food illustration
Boiled Peas with Tasso Ham food illustration
Purple Potato Salad food illustration
sweet potato mac and cheese illustration
Creamy Risotto with Beet Greens illustration
stuffed chayote food illustration
tofu tacos food illustration

The Illustrated Wok

One of the magazines I did some work for was the Illustrated Wok. They created a book with recipes by various chefs but illustrated by other people. I was given a recipe by Chef Lisa Tse with a fragrant spicy pot special. I personally love spicy (hot) pots and similar foods so this was a lot of fun to illustrate.

the illustrated wok magazine spread
the illustrated wok magazine spread

Other Projects

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an essential part of my culture and something I have celebrated for as long as I can remember. Traditionally for Chinese New Year, or Lunar New year, depending on what you want to call it, we celebrate by eating lots of delicious foods including...

read more


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