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Hand Lettering

Over the last two years I’ve been working on more and ore projects that require that extra bit of work with typography, so I’ve been working on my hand lettering skills.

I briefly touched upon hand lettering during my university degree studies but through a lot of experimentation and practice my hand lettering skills have come on leaps and bounds. Everything you see below uses entirely fonts created by myself.



Be Kind To Yourself

Recently I’ve been focusing on trying to be a bit healthier. I’m a little overweight at the moment, (hey, I’m a working mum!) but my family has a history of bad health. Several years ago my dad passed away from a heart attack and my grandfather (on my dad’s side) died of liver cancer. I was super close with both of them and I would never want my now family to experience another member dying from any kind of major disease. So I’m pushing everyone to be a bit healthier, to eat less junk food, to move around more, and we’re already seeing big differences.

This influenced this series of posters for which I’ll be doing more. The idea is “be kind to yourself”, to look after your heart, kidneys, liver and lungs and while it’s a serious topic I also wanted to make it a little fun and cute so hopefully younger viewers will pick these up more.

be kind to your lungs hand lettering
be kind to your kidneys hand lettering illustration
be kind to your heart hand lettering illustration
be kind to your liver hand lettering illustration

A Is For You

A really fun project, I created a series of letters which can be adapted to suit different names and sold as posters. For example A for Amelia (my daughter’s name), L is for Layla. One of my very first illustration projects was drawing an alphabet and I really want to recreate this soon

a is for amelia poster
a is for amelia hand lettering poster
l is for layla hand lettering poster
c is for charlotte hand lettering poster
t is for tabatha hand lettering poster

Coffee Art

I love my coffee. I wake up and I need my coffee. Coffee helps me to think. I love my coffee! So with this in mind I created a custom hand lettered poster celebrating my love of coffee.

coffee art hand lettering poster
coffee art hand lettering poster

Five Brave Things Illustration

I undertook a course this year which required multiple assignments and projects but one of the most interesting was to create a “Five Brave Things” about myself illustration. These are five things that really stood out.

five brave things illustration

Other Projects

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an essential part of my culture and something I have celebrated for as long as I can remember. Traditionally for Chinese New Year, or Lunar New year, depending on what you want to call it, we celebrate by eating lots of delicious foods including...

read more


  1. TzGem

    Can you teach me to make it?

    • Liv Wan

      Hi TzGem,

      The best way to do hand lettering is don’t think it’s a “writing” and treat it like “drawing”. For example, you “draw” your letter just like the way you would when you draw a picture.

      You can also check out Skillshare website. They got tons of hand lettering courses you can learn hand lettering! 😉

    • Amani Badokhon

      Can you do all the medical awesome in Arabic

      • Liv Wan

        Hi TzGem,

        I afraid I can’t do all the medical posters in Arabic as Arabic is beautiful but also a bit too complicate for me. 😀

  2. Ana Karinna

    Your work is sublime. Greeting from Venezuela

    • Liv Wan

      Thank you so much!


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