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They Draw and Cook Recipes Illustrations
April 27, 2015
Six years ago I found a website called “They Draw and Cook” through an illustrator’s blog. I instantly fell in love with this fun and cool website and decided one day I’m going to create some recipes illustrations like those illustrators works I saw on the website.

I was a professional chef for many years and then turned my career around and became a full time illustrator. Even though I’m not working as a chef anymore food is still a massive thing in my life and is one of those things I really love to illustrate. So when I found out “They Draw and Cook” is running a publishing competition I decided this will be a big personal project this year and I want to enter. However it’s a lot of work to do as I have to illustrate 30 recipe illustrations by the 1st of December. This might sound easy but with family, young child, other work and other things going on it’s a case of do as much work as I can when I can.

At the beginning of the month I was finishing off a large job I did for the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh but in the space of a couple weeks I made and published these 6 recipe illustrations on the They Draw and Cook website. They featured this series of illustrations on their home page and featured me as their favourite illustrator of the moment. So when I got the email from them as you can imagine I was really happy. So from the 27th April to the 4th May my recipes will feature on their homepage which can only be a good thing for my business. Please have a look, share, tweet, Facebook or whatever you can with my images as it will always help me.

So a big thanks to the They Draw and Cook founders Salli and Nate for this opportunity and being supportive. I really appreciate my work being featured and the all the publicity this brings. Hopefully I will be able to finish another 24 recipe illustrations by the 1st December and I can have a chance of publishing a book with them.


Wild Mushrooms Risotto:

Some of the illustrations files I create for this illustration:

They Draw and Cook Website really like my mushroom risotto illustration so they even use this illustration as their Facebook page cover photo:

Scallop with Chorizo and Broad Beans:

Lavender and Strawberry Shortcakes:

Lemon Tart:

Thai Rice Noodle Salad:

Seafood Pasta:

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